We have enemies. These people do not wish us well.

They are here to replace us.

Media Gorges Itself on Hatred While Ignoring Atrocities

Here at the Winds of Jihad site we have always maintained that Western journaille are the most ignorant swine on the face of the earth. That position is correct.

In the wake of the New Zealand shooting,  New York Times “reporter” Patrick Kingsley could barely contain his glee. The New Zealand shooter, a self-described fascist, provided Kingsley with ammunition to charge President Trump, Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban with aiding and abetting the “Global Reach of White Extremism.” The shooter, wrote Kingsley, “highlights the contagious ways in which extreme right ideology and violence have spread in the 21st century.” Trump, Orban, Salvini, and all those who dare speak their name but to spite them, own this shooting so far as Kingsley is concerned.

A search for “Nigeria” in the Times’ archives shows that no ink has been spilled in the columns of this, America’s “newspaper of record,” for the Christians facing extermination at the hands of Muslims in that country. This is odd, isn’t it?

The New Zealand Mosque Attack

The tragedy of rank hypocrisy.

So far in 2019, there have been 453 Islamic terror attacks in which 1,956 people have been murdered. 4,305 Christians were murdered by Islamic extremists because of their faith in 2018 alone.

France announces indefinite ban on some Yellow Vest protests

Macron acts like the Sun King.

France’s Prime Minister has this afternoon announced an indefinite ban on some Yellow Vest protests if they include violent groups after eighteen successive weekends of protest which have wreaked havoc in the country’s major cities.

Following a meeting on Monday afternoon with Emmanuel Macron, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe declared a ban on Paris’ Champs-Elysees avenue in addition to further bans in Bordeaux and Toulouse. It is understood that Paris’ police chief has also been sacked.


The Left’s exploitation of Christchurch is sinister. Nick Riemer, a (Marxist-Greenie)  wacademic who wants Israel boycotted, says Western civilisation courses cause “murderous civilisational hatred”: “There is a clear analogy between thinking that European books belong together and thinking that European people do too.” And the hatred on the ABC last night was worse.

The second Jihadi shooting attack since Christchurch, and still no word from those who were so quick and so loud to condemn, just a few days ago. It’s almost like they only care about Muslim lives:

Another victim of Islamic terrorism you probably won’t hear about in our lying media.

Salvini: Africa doesn’t belong in Italy!

Deputy PM, Matteo Salvini has refused to back down & is always speaking out 


  1. Re: “White supremacy doesn’t know any religion!”?

    Muhammad was the ‘Very White” man.

    Islam calls blacks (abds; slaves) “Pug-Nosed Raisin-Heads with Donkey-Cocks Who Carry the Plague.” Not to mention the hadith where Moe quipped that, if one were to throw a black off a cliff, he’d probably snap his fingers to mark time all the way down – sho nuff!

    (Sadly, Dirty Old Moe’s fried chicken, banjo and watermelon jokes have been lost to the sands of time).



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