Germany: 5 Years For Burning a Koran?

by Jim Hoft

Gestapo Tactics: German YouTuber Faces 5 Years in Jail for Burning Koran, Is Doxxed By Radical Far Left Group
Berlin has fallen: German prosecutors are threatening a 22-year-old YouTuber with jail for criticizing Islam, which could amount to a death sentence in Muslim-filled jails.
A state-funded Soros-linked hate group with a Stasi past has publicly doxxed the young musician, who goes by the name of Shlomo Finkelstein.

Alex Malenki interviewing “Shlomo Finkelstein”, who faces up to 5 years in prison for cirticizing Islam.

Berlin has Fallen…

The young man began making videos critical of radical Islam, terror and mass imigration in 2014 after the attack on the satirical magazine „Charlie Hebdo“ in Paris killed 11. „There were kids in my high school who basically approved of the attack and said, it’s our fault if we insult their religion. That made me so angry, I decided to do something about it.“

Due to the constant threat from violent Antifa and death threats from angry Muslims, many conservative German YouTubers have to remain anonymous. Calling himself “Shlomo Finkelstein”, he started a channel named “The Vulgar Analysis”, in which he called out SJWs and Islamization in vivid – often obscene or insulting – terms. As a backdrop video loop, he uses images of him burning a Koran on a barbecue, frying bacon on it, urinating on it and blowing it up with fireworks. “I did it for freedom,”  Shlomo said in a recent interview. “This was the most drastic way to call out the religion that is oppressing us most.”

His channel became one of the most successful conservative YouTube channels in Germany, with 80.000 subscribers at its peak.

When a few far-right crazies started following his videos, he adopted the faux-Jewish moniker of “Shlomo Finkelstein” and an avatar of himself as a hook-nosed Jew with a rat’s body as a way of trolling actual Nazis.

Shlomo also attracted the attention of leftist “hate speech” watchdogs, who started reporting his videos and getting his channels banned. He has had around 30 different YouTube channels over the past four years. Currently no official channel is active. However, his fans started downloading and mirroring his videos, which would often be banned by YouTube within minutes of going online. Currently the only official channel he has to watch his videos – well worth it if you speak German – is on SteemIt.

Shlomo’s videos have even made it into the German Bundestag. In May 2018, the Jewish 14-year-old Susanna Feldmann was brutally raped and murdered by an Iraqi “refugee” in the city of Wiesbaden. When the conservative AfD wanted to hold a moment of silence for Susanna in the German Bundestag, they were interrupted by impious left-wingers and told to leave the podium by far-left Bundestag President Claudia Roth (Greens). After the girl’s mother Diana Feldmann posted the video of this scandal to her Facebook page, she was inundated with comments by hateful left-wing trolls, urging her to “reject hate” and “mourn more appropriately.”

In one of his videos, Shlomo revealed that this was a coordinated attack by left-wing trolls as part of the campaign “Reconquista Internet”, which is allied with the taxpayer-funded “No Hate Speech” movement. In a formal inquiry, AfD MP Petr Bystron put the Merkel government on the spot over the trolling of the victim’s grieving mother, but the government denied all responsibility.

Shlomo has had to hide his identity for four years now. Left-wing thought police started closing in on him in January, after a fan calling himself “0rbit” began doxxing politicians and left-wing celebs on Twitter, including many of Shlomo’s favorite enemies. “0rbit”, whose real name is Johannes S., was a fan of Shlomo’s and used the same admin for internet services. This admin, named Jan Schürlein, turned state’s evidence and apparently provided information on Shlomo himself. In January, reporters from left-wing Spiegel magazine (still reeling from its latestFake News scandal) showed up on the doorstep of someone they claim is Shlomo Finkelstein.

Soros-funded “hate watchdog” Amadeu Antonio Foundation, which is run by ex-Communist Stasi agent Anetta Kahane, even went so far as to publish what they claim is Shlomo’s real name and address on their website It is unclear how the left-wing foundation obtained this internal information from the police investigation.

In his interview with fellow YouTuber Malenki – wearing a mask to hide his face – Shlomo revealed he is being charged with Hate Speech and could face up to five years in jail. Since he has faced repeated death threats from the Muslim community, it is assumed German prison could mean a death sentence for the young musician. Shlomo was visibly shaken, but still stands up for free speech: “If I had the choice, I would do it again. It’s worth going to jail to defend our freedom.”

AfD MP Petr Bystron said he would do whatever he can to help the young man. “We need to stop all government funding for the Amadeu Antonio Foundation, whose sole purpose is to attack and doxx people who have the wrong opinion,” Bystron said.  In January a freelance employee of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation was arrested in Berlin for torching the car of an AfD member, Gateway Pundit reported.

You can donate to Shlomo Finkelstein’s defense via Bitcoin here.

UPDATE— We were able to contact “Shlomo Finkelstein”, who is in hiding, and he confirmed the “hatespeech watchdogs” doxxed the wrong person.

He is not in immediate danger. He is awaiting official charges from the prosecutor.

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