More on the Senegalese Moslem who tried to murder 51 children in Italy

Did You Know:

An African migrant hijacked a schoolbus in Milan

Tied up the hands of 51 children

And set the bus on fire

This happened yesterday

How is it possible that Senagalese migrant child molesters  drive busses in italy?

“ANSA reported that Sy, who became an Italian citizen in 2004, had been convicted in 2007 and 2011 of drunken driving and sexual molestation of a minor. ”

This boy is on Matteo Savini’s Twitter feed, portrayed as the saviour of 51 kids who rode on that bus. But the Evening Standard offers an Egyptian Moslem kid who claims credit and wants “urgent” citizenship:

Rami Shehata The leader of Italy’s 5-Star Movement called for the teenager to be awarded speedy citizenship after his classmates hailed him as a hero for his move to alert police.

He tied us to the floor covered in petrol and took our phones away so we couldn’t call the police,” one of the 51 children held hostage in a school bus set on fire by a driver of Senegalese origin who wanted revenge for migrants “dying at sea”.

In other news:

Yazidi women who refused to convert to islam Raped and burned alive in cages!..3000 women missing!!!

3 thoughts on “More on the Senegalese Moslem who tried to murder 51 children in Italy”

  1. Who is looking forward to the women-burnings in New Zealand and Australia?
    Will it will be fun to see the snowflake Millennials getting what they begged for.
    Allowing this culture to replace your own is only going to end in tears.
    Not enough to douse the flames, but enough to please the “men” who raped you and are now rejoicing as you burn to death.

    1. As I say to people you are looking at this dire problem, ‘Islam’, via a civilised perspective. Islam has shown over 1400 years it is anything but civilised.

      The complacent people who slumber peacefully will awaken with a shock.

  2. Remember Islam is a religion of Peace and tolerance even though their holy book the Koran says infidels need to convert or die. Perhaps I don’t understand something here.

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