Mashallah! New Zealand Submits!

Jacinda Ardern, Retard of the Month

(with apologies to retards)

  • A self-described eco-fascist, communist, anti-Trumper goes on shooting spree.,
  • Within a few days, the far left communist government imposes strict gun laws & a national Islamic call to prayer is declared.
  • Are we to believe this wasn’t all planned? Are we to believe there isn’t cooperating between the left & Islam?

New Zealand’s PM dons sharia Hijab while praising “prophet” Mohammad & identifying her nation with Islam PM ordered the national broadcast of Adhan (Muslim call to prayer) this Friday On TV On radio In the NZ Parliament & Gov’t buildings There’ll be no escaping Islam’s Adhan

New Zealand: a nation subdued goes into voluntary submission

New Zealand is banning books, blocking entire domains + calling for mass internet censorship, and taking away gun rights from innocent citizens.

Kiwi women don headscarves in solidarity with Muslim victims

Dhimmitude on steroids. A whole nation submits to Islam. A great victory for the Mohammedans.

Christchurch (New Zealand) (AFP) – Women in Christchurch wore makeshift hijabs as a statement of peace and solidarity on Friday, a week after a white supremacist killed 50 Muslims at two mosques in the southern New Zealand city.


Troubling signs New Zealand shooting is being used to turn my country into Islamic State

New Zealand banning guns, censoring videos, and censoring books in the wake of a mass shooting is exactly why you should be grateful for the American Constitution. Reactionary politics crush liberty. And it’s why Leftists despise the Constitution.

Michelle Kaufman:

... It seems like we’re living in a different world all of a sudden. It seems that showing our great respect for those who were killed has somehow been manipulated into showing affirmation of the Islamic religion.

New Zealand is now putty in the Islamists’ hands. …

The OIC is going to milk the NZ massacre to the last drop

Turkey, as the OIC Summit Chair, has called upon holding an emergency meeting for discussing the increasing violence based on Islamophobia, racism, and xenophobia, in particular, the terrorist attack targeted two mosques in New Zealand on 15 March 2019,” the Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement today. … Because only Muslim lives matter.

Final Islamic State Stronghold in Syria Falls

US-backed forces press offensive against IS Syria enclave

Fox News reported on Thursday that the final Islamic State stronghold in Syria, the village of Baghouz, has been liberated by the Kurdish-led, U.S.-allied Syrian Democratic Forces. The report has not been officially confirmed as of Thursday evening, but if Fox’s information is solid, the ISIS “caliphate” has been destroyed.

The Islamic State’s caliphate has officially ended as its last stronghold is liberated

Australia’s Prime Minister considering breaking ties with Turkey after Erdogan’s threats over New Zealand massacre

He should. Erdogan is a brazen jihadist with the goal of reviving the Ottoman Empire. All Western countries should break ties with Erdogan, who aggressively advances the Islamization of the West.

Ex-CIA Chief John Brennan Threatens Trump: Mueller Will Soon Likely Put Your Political and Financial Future in Jeopardy

If Trump doesn’t manage to hold this devious Marxist Moslem accountable for his crimes he has only himself to blame.

Italy Deports Imam w/ ‘Rigorous Interpretation’ of the Quran…

New Zealand shooting is being used to turn my country into Islamic State

March 21, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – I live in New Zealand. I’ve become alarmed at developments in my country since the shootings last Friday. What I see unfolding seems so disproportionate to the magnitude of the crime. It seems like I’ve woken up and all of a sudden live in an Islamic State.

Here are some highlights of what’s unfolding:

  • The thought police are out in full force and people are being scrutinized for “hate speech”.  Green ribbons are being worn as a symbol against hate.
  • Mosques and many of the prayer rooms continue to be protected by armed police (police aren’t usually armed in my country).
  • Vigils are being held all over the place in solidarity with the victims. These seem to have morphed into what amounts to support for the Islamic religion. Catholic Bishop Dunn held one last Sunday afternoon in the Ponsonby church.  After prayers there, they processed over to the mosque, which is on the opposite side of the road and prayed and met there.
  • Whitcoulls, one of our book stores, probably the oldest, has removed Jordan Peterson’s book “12 Rules for Life” from its shelves because he was photographed with a member of the public wearing an anti-Islamic t-shirt while he was in New Zealand recently. Apparently, that’s being construed as him having something to do with the madman’s agenda.
  • On Tuesday a Muslim prayer was said in Parliament. Just recently all Christian prayer in Parliament was removed.
  • On Friday March 22 at 1:30pm New Zealand will be called to prayer…Islamic prayer that is.  And we will be expected to keep 2 minutes silence after they read the Muslim prayer acknowledging Allah as “great” and Muhammad as his “prophet.” The call to prayer will be broadcasted on national radio stations and TV as well.
  • Cardinal Dew will go to the local mosque (Kilbirnie) as well on Friday to stand outside during their prayers as an act of solidarity. The Catholic bishops here have been very sympathetic and playing out their “inter-faith role” with great enthusiasm.
  • Catholic school students have been praying inside mosques.

It seems like we’re living in a different world all of a sudden. It seems that showing our great respect for those who were killed has somehow been manipulated into showing affirmation of the Islamic religion.

New Zealand is now putty in the Islamists’ hands.

The shooting on Friday was terrible. But what has now unfolded is something else entirely and may just be the beginning of something very terrible for New Zealand.

Certainly, on a spiritual level, our crisis has become even deeper.

Please keep New Zealand in your prayers.

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7 thoughts on “Mashallah! New Zealand Submits!”

  1. Not all of us……..Please Pray for us. We have lost all our freedoms over night. Many are headed for jail.
    The battle is for the South Island. Many big players involved.
    This is coming yr way too but at present , you have a lot more freedom than we have.
    God Bless you.

  2. Hmmm !!!
    Prayers don’t seem to work !!!

    The battle is for the South Island.
    Many big players involved.

    … Elucidate – and/or link(s) !!!

    Wow – talk about a PLANNED overreaction to a FF by Her Masters Puppet ‘female‘ PM – Jacinda Ardern !!!
    (Jacinda Ardern – another fully scripted Her Masters Puppet implant by the Puppet Masters that Anders Behring Breivik missed) !!!

    (All this as a result of a comparative and relative very very few islam-infected deaths [less than one flea on a camels back comparative and relative to the ignored HUGE NUMBERS of people murdered by islam-infecteds]
    … a FF 101) !!!

  3. Politicians are professional hypocrites.

    Hypocrites are selfish excuse-making liars. As lying is the most basic form of theft, all hypocrites are criminals.

    Excuse-making will never solve problems, only perpetuate and exploit them, making them infinitely worse with a “There’s No Money In Solutions” motto and approach of ongoing wilfully delinquent criminally negligent FRAUD.

    Bottom-line Conclusion: Self-enslaving by hiring criminal hypocrites as “leaders” is insane.

  4. Not safe to say too much.
    18 yr old jailed for 10 yrs for a few opinions. others heading to jail..losing jobs etc..
    Only Bishop Brian Tamaki has spoken up.

    1. I certainly didn’t vote for her. We have a system you probably won’t understand..MMP. Winston Peters, the leader of NZ First had the balance of of power after the last election. He formed a coalition with her party..the labour party and the greens..Since then Winston has betrayed his voters and nationalists in NZ , are completely on their own. Adern is the former leader of World Socialist Youth , a protegee of the former Prime Minister Helen Clark. We are now practically living in a police state. Any Aussies wanting to go home ought to go ASAP. Yes we have quite a number of Aussies living here..they just get treated like NZers unlike NZers in Aussie.

  5. Her Masters Puppet ‘female‘ NZ PM – Jacinda Ardern’s behavior …
    Just (absolutely unacceptable) Normal Treasonous Criminal “Leftoid” Behaviour !!!

    Her Masters Puppet ‘female‘ NZ PM – Jacinda Ardern and her fellow criminals/traitors crimes have been documented in the Public Records
    … nothing more to be said really !

    (Except Her Masters Puppet ‘female‘ NZ PM – Jacinda Ardern has always had the opportunity to STOP & CORRECT her Treasonous Criminal behavior
    … but has so far chosen NOT to do so
    … so her look (she should apologise to horses) walk and talk continues to be recognised as Criminally Treasonous/Subversive/Seditious) !!!

    The “Leftoid” “Authorities” in Australia also have their behavior recognised as Criminally Treasonous/Subversive/Seditious
    … future Incarceration awaits their many years of failing to STOP & CORRECT their activity
    … their not re-contesting their seats “Supannuation Scam” – also being recognised !!! !!!

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