Muslims good, white man bad!

Sweden: collective insanity or death wish?

Sweden, Population 10.2 Million, Offers Asylum to China’s over 10 Million Uyhgur Muslims

Sweden, Population 10.2 Million, Offers Asylum to China’s over 10 Million Uyhgur Muslims

“According to a new investigation, one in three returned Islamic State fighters in Sweden have committed serious crimes after coming back from the Middle East.” Shame on any political leader and authority who does not deal with these facts.

Swedish Shia Muslims Express Fear over Returning Islamic State Fighters

Swedish Shia Muslims Fear Returning Islamic State Fighters

Not as much as they fear “Islamophobia”…

Netherlands Shooter Described as ‘Very Religious’…

Jihadists are all… very religious.

This article says that two others have been arrested, and a third person has been arrested as well.  So this does seem to be a coordinated jihad plot. In a note, Tanis said he was doing it in the name of Allah. Will the Islamophobia never end?

After Mass-Arrests, China Razes Uygur Muslim Communities to Build a Loyal City

China knows how to deal with Mohammedans: demolishing their neighborhoods and purging their culture.

Another Boko Haram Lethal Attack on Nigeria Christian Town

Twelve French Churches Attacked, Vandalized in One Week

War on Christians: Dozen French Churches Attacked, Vandalized in Week…

Very few people care for churches in France these days. 

‘Reckless’ and ‘Vile’: Australian PM Hits Erdogan for Christchurch Comments

Not to worry, another large jiziya payment will make Erdogan love us. Politicians are already positioning themselves to bow & scrape…

New Zealand PM Encourages Gun Owners to Surrender Their Firearms

New Zealand PM Encourages Gun Owners to Surrender Their Firearms

From now on, the call to Islam will be heard in parliament, New Zealanders are voluntarily turning in their guns and females will wear their solidarity burqas…. that’s leader ship!

Italy: Muslim migrant bus driver rams bus full of children into cars on highway, sets it on fire

Would  you trust a Mohammedan busdriver with your kids?

2 thoughts on “Muslims good, white man bad!”

  1. ‘Reckless’ and ‘Vile’: Australian islam-sycophant PM Hits Erdogan for Christchurch Comments … [sic]
    (bit two faced aren’t you … islam-sycophant Australian PM)

    The Turkish “leader” (islam-infected Recep Tayyip Erdogan) continues to use video (“The shooting video“) of the terror attack on the campaign trail ahead of Turkey’s March 31 local elections … [sic(ko)]

    Australian’s and New Zealander’s watching of the
    The shooting video” should be mandatory (not censored).
    (So the censors have to go) !!!

    And in turn, Tarrant has given us possibly the most powerful meme we have ever had: The shooting video.”

    A storm is coming. The Christchurch Shooting was the first few raindrops beginning to fall, and the thunderheads starting to roll in. You can feel it, and I can feel it. We can feel it in our blood, in our bones. We can feel a beating in the depths, a war drum being beaten by the spirit of our ancestors who are calling out for vengeance and fury, for an astonishing inferno and merciless desolation to be unleashed upon the [islam-infected] enemies of our race.

    Request 1 …
    Will you Australia’s & New Zealand’s invader assisters of the islam-infected and the diversifier (white genociders) assisters of the criminal African tribals please have yourselves “incarcerated
    (or leave with the islam-infecteds and diversifier African tribals )
    … so the problems you KNOWINGLY created/caused can be fixed !!!

    Request 2a …
    Will you islam-infected please leave Australia & New Zealand – Now !!!

    Request 2b …
    Will you diversifier (white genociders)criminal African tribals please leave Australia & New Zealand – Now !!!

    (Can’t say the assisters invaders and the diversifiers haven’t been politely asked to leave
    … in reality – no one expects these Traitors/Invaders/Diversifiers to go voluntarily
    … but at least they have been asked) !!!

  2. Wow Sweden. And here I thought *I* was nuts for fantasizing about Canada (population 36 Million) taking in the few thousand Yazidis and Christian Iraqis and Syrians left in the world – you know, in stead of Turdeau’s desire to invite in ONLY more violent and savage Mohammedans to replace us.

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