“We live for the sake of allah and his religion, what else do we live for?”


Here’s an assortment of headbangers who feel they missed out  on becoming “martyrs”.

On March 15, 2019, the Al-Azhar Mosque in Belmore, a suburb of Sydney, Australia hosted an emergency panel discussion following the massacre at the mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. One of the speakers, Sheikh Jamil El-Biza, suggested that attack was the result of governments’ and politicians’ defense of freedom of speech. Sheikh Jalal Chami, another one of the panel members, said that it is an honor for the victims of the shooting to have died for Islam and that Muslims should be happy for them and pray that they are accepted as martyrs. He said: “We give our life freely for the sake of Allah and His religion.” Another panel member, Sheikh Omar Najjarine, said that people in Australia and New Zealand have thoughts of harming Muslims like the Christchurch shooter did. He also said that he felt jealousy towards the victims of the shooting because they entered Paradise, and he said that it is sad that most people would be thankful if they escaped or survived such a shooting, when they would have lost out on the blessing of dying as a martyr. Sheikh Najjarine added: “Who would ever think that a person in a non-Muslim country [who is not waging] Jihad could attain martyrdom. That’s not special?” The panel was streamed live on Al-Azhar Mosque’s Facebook page and was aired on Al-Jazeera TV with Arabic voice over. Sheikh Zoheir Abouhamza Issa, Sheikh Mohammad Anwar Sahib, and Sheikh Nassim Abdi also participated in the panel. Al-Azhar Mosque is part of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah Association Australia (ASWJ Australia), which has been the subject of media criticism in the past. ASWJ Australia’s YouTube channels have recently shut down. For sermons by ASWJ’s Sheikh Nassim Abdi, see MEMRI TV Clips No. 6790 and No. 6504.

So what did they say?

1. A muslim killed by an infidel in a mosque, goes straight to paradise;
2. Any muslim not killed by the infidel, should be/is jealous;
3. To avoid the killing by being late, is a cause for sadness, not happiness;
4. “Why are we mucking about paying rent, working, when all we should be asking for is to be killed by an infidel in a mosque”;

Deduction… “muslims are pleased at the killing, they support it, it is a good thing, and do not be sad for us, and offer condolences.”

Is there a solution to this?

GetUp director Sara Saleh says Tony Abbott has blood on his hands over Christchurch murders

Get your head around this: GetUp, part of the Soros propaganda machine, uses Mohammedan agitprops to destroy Western society.

GetUp director Sara Saleh says Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison have “blood on their hands” flowing from the murder of 50 people in Christchurch last Friday.

She says Tony Abbott’s “Team Australia” comments have “weaponised racism”, and “just his existence altogether, I’ll say is offensive”.

She draws a direct link between what Brendon Tarrant is alleged to have done and comments from Morrison, Abbott and Dutton – she says those 3 have “blood on their hands”.

The primary problem for Ms Saleh is that her comments appear to be derived from thin air.  There’s not one scintilla of evidence to support her horrible accusations.

The only available evidence – Tarrant’s published manifesto – directly repudiates her claim.  In it, Tarrant directly attacks Abbott-style conservatism: (More from Michael Smith News)

3 thoughts on ““We live for the sake of allah and his religion, what else do we live for?””

  1. What a fantastic excursion into lunacy and delusion. Just another reason demonstrating the total incompatibility and derangement of these people, their disconnect from reality and their desire to suppress free speech and seek Islamic immunity from rational inspection.

    Muslims are murdering Christians and Jews daily without any of this angst and hand wringing. The test of tolerance in the West is not to tolerate the intolerable. No-one needs to say anything. One only needs the actions of Islamic supremacism in Africa, Asia, Europe and the ME to be properly reported as the only source to motivate this type of violent pushback.

    Anti-Muslim violence in Europe will eventually become such that the media will not be able to censor the motivation for it as it does for ubiquitous Islamic violence in the ME, Asia and Africa.

  2. We live for the sake of allah and his religion, what else do we live for?” … [sic]

    (apparently islam-infectds (but – just not their even more cowardly imams) are very pleased to die for their false & deceitful etc… “allah” … aka muhammad the paedophile) !!!

    If you are in Australia (or NZ) and a Treasonous “Leftoid” islamophile
    … You are to be Incarcerated forthwith
    … and your assets forfeited to the state as a “compensation” of your criminal activities !!!
    (aka … political “authorities” representing divisions of legislature, executive, and judiciary on the Federal State and Local Levels and their willing citizen supporters) !!!

    If you are islam-infected invaders residing in Australia (or NZ)
    … You are to be Exterminated from Australia’s (or NZ’s) integrated civilised society
    … and your assets forfeited to the state as a “compensation” of your theft and hostile and invasive activity !!!
    (every breath islam-infecteds take is a declaration of war against EVERY civilised societies) !!!

    If you are diversifier criminal African tribals resident in Australia (or NZ)
    … You are also to be Exterminated from Australia’s (or NZ’s) civilised society
    … and your assets forfeited to the state as a “compensation” of your and yours murderous criminal activity!!!

  3. What do you live for, to dance at the end of a rope when you death sentence is executed with a rope soaked in pig grease.

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