Once great Britain, where the “conspiracy theory of Islamisation” can get you arrested

Hungary’s Orbán Considering Union with Polish Conservatives

Just do it!

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki shakes hands with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban (L) during a meeting on May 14, 2018 at the Palace on the Isle in Warsaw's Lazienki Park. (Photo by JANEK SKARZYNSKI / AFP) (Photo credit should read JANEK SKARZYNSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is considering aligning his party with the ruling conservatives in Poland if he cannot reform the establishment European People’s Party (EPP) grouping in the European Parliament.

Pope Francis Visit to Morocco Will Focus on Migrants

Pope Francis Visit to Morocco Will Focus on Migrants

Stay away. Please!

Pakistan: Widespread Support for Terror Groups Complicates Government Crackdown

No shiite!

Report: Taliban Wants ‘Terrorism’ Excluded from Peace Pact

 Taliban Wants ‘Terrorism’ Excluded from Peace Pact

Because Islamic terror is just peaceful inner struggle, or something….

Teen Islamic State Supporter Guilty of Hunting Knife Suicide Terror Plot

Ahmed, now 19, had planned the attack some two years ago, with the plot uncovered when police arrested him on suspicion of money laundering.

“Allah is Devil”

TellMama gets Christian preacher arrested for claiming that there was a link between terrorism and the Qur’an

On February 11, 2017, he wrote that ‘Allah is Devil’, and a week earlier, promoted the conspiracy theory of Islamisation. In a comment written below the latter, Mr Illesanmi added that Muslims are “flooding” parts of London, and warned that the election of London’s first Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan, was a cautionary tale, as Muslims would target 10 Downing Street.

If you get arrested for that in once great Britain, it means the country has already fallen to Islam….

Not fond of Fauxcahontas, but she’s right on this one:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is calling for the breakup of tech giants such as Amazon, Google and Facebook. “You can be an umpire or you can own a team, but you can’t do both at the same time,” the Democratic presidential candidate tells CNN.

Caroline Glick: Germany’s Love Affair with Iran About More than Greed

Caroline Glick: Germany’s Love Affair with Iran About More than Greed

For example, after President Donald Trump walked away from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), otherwise known as the Iran nuclear deal, last May, the EU responded harshly.

Brussels refused U.S. calls to join America in abandoning the deal that paves the way for Iran to develop a nuclear arsenal, and which funds its terrorism and aggression throughout the Middle East and world. The EU’s “big three,” Germany, France and Britain, spent months putting together a financial vehicle to sidestep U.S. economic sanctions on Iran. They instructed European firms to defy U.S. sanctions and maintain their economic operations in Iran.

In other words, rather than siding with their most powerful and important ally – the United States of America – in its efforts to forge a policy vis-à-vis Iran that actually diminishes the threat the regime poses to global security and stability, the Europeans – led by Germany — have stood with Iran against the United States.

Massive Venezuelan Blackout; Maduro Blames ’Imperialist United States’

Islamic Scholar: No Western Country Has Successfully Integrated Muslims

Merkel Ally Predicts Muslim German Chancellor by 2030

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