Salvini tells African pirates ‘they will only see Italy with a telescope’

Tanker that was HIJACKED by migrants African savages in the Mediterranean is seized by Maltese special forces in dramatic rescue operation

Authorities are deciding whether to prosecute the pirates or to allow them to apply for asylum….

Bleeding hearts call for compassion:

Migrants in chaos-wracked Libya face trafficking, kidnap, torture and rape, according to the United Nations and aid groups.

F*kc them all.

Migrants sit on a bus belonging to the Maltese police before being taken away from the port© Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited Migrants sit on a bus belonging to the Maltese police before being taken away from the portMaltese special forces have seized a tanker that was hijacked by migrants ‘in an act of priacy’ in the Mediterranean after the captain stopped to rescue them.

Armed forces handed control of the vessel back to the captain who sailed it towards Malta’s Grand Port, in the capital Valletta, along with the migrants and crew.

When the boat arrived this morning, the migrants were escorted off under armed guard before being handed over to waiting police officers.

Refusing to let the migrants into Italy, Salvini tweeted: ‘They’re not shipwrecked, they’re pirates. They should know that they will only see Italy with a telescope.’

Several police vans and a bus were waiting in the harbour for the migrants, four of whom were taken away in handcuffs. The captain and his crew were also seen being escorted off the ship. 

He has turned away rescue ships operated by foreign NGOs, such as the Aquarius, which was left stranded with 630 migrants last June after being refused entry to Italy.

Following Rome’s increasingly tough anti-migrant stance, boats that pick up migrants making the perilous journey across the Mediterranean increasingly return them to Libya.

Several boatloads of migrants rescued in recent months have refused to disembark in Libya, prompting the authorities there to use force.

Migrant arrivals from North Africa and the Middle East have been sharply reduced since a 2015 peak when Europe faced its worst migration crisis since World War II.

Salvini has accused the rescue missions of playing into the hands of people smugglers.

He was sworn in after striking deal to form a government with the Five Star Movement, an agreement that brought Italy a populist government after three months of post-election deadlock.

On Monday Salvini vowed to ‘change Europe’ after his League party – which he transformed into a national force – won a regional election.

Spain’s socialist PM Pedro Sanchez, who also came to power last year, has taken a more liberal approach.

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