SBS: Can women who joined IS be reintegrated into Australian society?

These jihad whores were never integrated in Australian society. It takes a totally obtuse leftoid to ask such an idiotic question. Are  leftist uni-professors and SBS-tards integrated in Australian society? Hardly. They lead a city slickers existence totally removed from the mainstream.

This piece of SBS shiite comes from:

Professor Michele Grossman,  Research Chair in Diversity and Community Resilience at the Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation, Deakin University, where she also serves as convenor of the AVERT (Addressing Violent Extremism and Radicalisation to Terrorism) Research Network.

(Run for your life if you hear  psychobabble like “Violent Extremism and Radicalisation”.  People who talk like that should be ignored. Jihad is jihad and that’s it.)

Following the collapse of IS-held territories in Syria and Iraq, the infamous Australian ‘IS bride’ Zehra Duman has contacted her mother to confirm she’s waiting in a Syrian camp with her two small children and hoping to come home to Australia. Professor Michele Grossman ponders how we can balance Australia’s national security concerns with the human rights of women like Ms Duman.


2 thoughts on “SBS: Can women who joined IS be reintegrated into Australian society?”

  1. We are a safe haven for victims of ISIS not ISIS members! All those “bleeding hearts” who think these people will leave that ideology behind are ignorant and most likely never spoken to an ISIS victim, witnessed a victim experiencing a psychological episode of moaning, crying, screaming as she (and he) imagine she is fighting off ISIS member who is raping her or beating her or her children. These episodes are soul destroying for myself let alone what is it like for the woman/child and their family member who is holding their arms and legs to stop them hurting themself. Sleeping trances, forgetting how to speak, how to do tasks… Put our resources into helping Ezidis and other minorities who ARE VICTIMS, help families of soldiers who fought against ISIS. – There were many times and avenues for ISIS and their families to “escape” if they had rejected ideology but theses are the ppl who enjoy having slaves for sex, household work, farm work and kept slaves in dens, prisons starve them, poisoned them, raped them – the author of that page Shaheen, is dead too. These ISIS members not ISIS brides, not ISIS wives, ISIS members have put in 5 years hoping to rule and have privilege in their Islamic State. Have you not seen the photos of the Kurdish female fighters whose heads were paraded as trophies? The cells 10 year old Ezidi girls were raped – the 50 heads of Ezidi women/girls discovered a few weeks ago by British SAS? Read the story of the 13 yo Ezidi girl with a baby from her rape? Why do Australians want to give sympathy to ISIS members? If you do then we may as well let Ivan Milat and a plethora of other evil beings out of jail and try to rehabilitate him too… there is no difference in the crimes committed and no difference between co-offenders…

  2. No they can not. These ppl like most migrants cam to Australia for a better life for themselves and or their children. Going to a foreign land to join a terrorist organisation, was a calculated and deliberate act. We should never repatriate them back here!

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