“We mustn’t jump to  conclusions.”

Europe: Mass Migration Followed by Mass Indoctrination

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“The muslim nation is one nation to the exclusion of all others” – placard in Sharia march Oxford Street (thinkafricapress)


Prominent Muslim leader in New Zealand quick to blame The Mossad and Jews for Christchurch terror attack Muslim savage blaming the Jews, how original.

Every time there is an attack anywhere in the world involving Islamic terror, there are always voices, strangely uniting the far-right, far-left and Islamic communities, calling it a “false flag” operation by The Mossad.

It would appear this isn’t limited to Islamic terror attacks. Even when a self-declared “eco-fascist” which the world had decided is from the “far-right” in this case, commits an atrocity in a Mosque, there are some relatively prominent voices prepared to come out and blame Jews for this.

the guy in question is no small-timer. He is Ahmed Bhamji, a former Fijian politician, who actually became the youngest mayor in Fiji some years back. That’s him in this photo (on the right). He is also a former chair of the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand’s business committee and chairman of the Mt Roskill Masjid (New Zealand’s biggest mosque). (Source)

Horrific scenes after the Manchester bombing

It’s actually true that in the heat of the moment, it is easy to make the mistake of assuming things that we shouldn’t.

How many times have you heard journalists and politicians say, “We must wait until we know all the facts?” This time they didn’t.

As soon as news broke, every journalist in the world was declaring that this was a “right wing” attack. In fact, the attacker was an eco-fascist who admired Red China. 

Funny how all sense of caution and self-restraint are suddenly thrown out the window when the attacker is a White guy.

Women in New Zealand are being encouraged to wear hijabs to show solidarity to the Muslim community after the Christchurch massacre.

Outsiders co-host Rita Panahi says the hijab is being forced on millions of oppressed women across the world and was invented by men to be imposed on women to ‘control, separate and subjugate’ and that the NZ campaign is ‘misguided and counterproductive’.

Ms Panahi says the garment is ‘imbued with deep symbolism’ and represents a pernicious ‘modesty culture.’


Jacinda Ardern’s hijab shows what New Zealanders really think of Muslims

The message is politically confused and an admission of unconscious bigotry

It is good that Ardern has ‘stood with’ New Zealand’s Muslims in a display of simple decency. But the message sent by her hijab, and those of the other non-Muslim women, is politically confused — and an admission of unconscious bigotry.

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  1. “If an elected female prime minister chooses to signal her virtue by wearing a hijab outside a Muslim prayer space, she will appear to be endorsing the hijab as the official and correct public costume of Muslim women, regardless of what they might think, and regardless of what it costs them. Especially if she is a self-professed feminist.”

    Jacinda Ardern is Bob Geldof in drag.

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