Diversity makes us… stronger?

The guy with the bullhorn outside of AIPAC calling Jews “Nazis” for supporting Israel was Rashida Tlaib’s special guest for her swearing in ceremony

“Top Prosecutor.”

Kim Foxx, the Chicago prosecutor who dropped Jussie Smollett charges was put there by George Soros.

Kim Foxx Did Not Formally Recuse Herself In Smollett Case. She “Informally Separated Herself From “Decision-Making.”

Smollet is not the only creep in this pic who tried to start a race war:

These creatures feel entitled. They believe they have a right to lie and cheat their way through life. walked away scot-free after Jesse Jackson’s Operation PUSH said he did 16 hours of community service with them. 16 hours, 16 felony counts gone. Progressive justice!

Affirmative action creates far more problems than solutions.

Hamas-Linked CAIR & SOROS Unite to Silence You!

 CAIR is calling for legislators to label criticism of Jihad Terror, Sharia, Radicals & Illegals as “WHITE SUPREMACIST “hate speech”. CAIR is now receiving funding from Soros to monitor & criminalize your speech.

New Zealand

These are dumb people. They don’t only look dumb, they also act stupid in display of voluntary submission. The finger means there is only one God and every other God else is false, thus should be fought. Do they believe in Allah? This foolishness is getting out of control.

Israel prepares for war with Hamas.


Macron under fire for saying incident that badly injured 73-year-old ‘Yellow Vest’ lady hopefully taught her a lesson


Censorious creeps in charge of a crumbling, archaic, byzantine institution just voted to break the Internet. Keep marching under that EU flag though, idiots:

Wally Watch

We don’t need Sharia blasphemy laws here in Australia. We need more open discussion, not less.
ISIS Commander Arrested in Hungary Held Refugee Passport Enabling Unrestricted Air Travel

 Great vetting!

BUDAPEST, Hungary – The alleged ISIS commander charged here last week with taking part in 20 beheadings obtained a special refugee passport in Greece that gave him air travel access to much of Europe, according to Gyorgy Bakondi, a senior advisor to Hungary’s prime minister’s office.

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  1. The Dumbs Photo …
    These are dumb people. … This foolishness is getting out of control.” … [sic]
    (Why do they look so happy being photographed committing an act of treason … ) They are dumbed to the hilt – and still guilty …

    The reality – their Treason is documented in the Public Records
    … their Incarcerations await !!!

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