Immune Disorder, Pop Culture & Reparations

Moonbattery as an Immune Disorder

An immune disorder like AIDS doesn’t kill people directly. It disables the immune system. Then the other diseases that surround us all the time can do the killing. Moonbattery works the same way.

The world is full of threats such as Islam, communism, and numberless Third Worlders who would like to invade our country and use the welfare state to enslave us. With our immune system in working order, these threats are easily dealt with. With it incapacitated by moonbattery, we are in big trouble.

Dave Morrison takes the metaphor further. Donald Trump is a symptom brought on by our immune system, like a fever or a sneeze. He was produced in an attempt to rid our compromised system of invasive organisms.

Unfortunately, sneezing by itself doesn’t make your cold go away. But anything that opposes political correctness is part of an overall struggle to restore our system to good health.

Pop Culture Has Hit a Dead End

It isn’t your imagination. Pop culture really is getting worse each year. That’s why you see teenagers wearing t-shirts for bands their grandparents listened to. Imagine anyone in the 1970s doing that. The same applies to the mediocre, derivative, repackaged garbage on TV and at the theater. Soon it will reach the point of absolutely worthless absurdity that we see in modern art. The mainstream culture is trying to survive by eating its own corpse.

As Paul Joseph Watson puts it:

“Our culture is being diluted to meet the demands of deranged NPC thought police and drugged-up, listless, pacified consumers.”

More on the current state of decay and its causes:

No wonder entertainers try to validate themselves by spewing unhinged moonbattery, just like Democrat presidential candidates. They certainly aren’t going to do it with their talent. Movies lacking any actual merit are distinguished by their diversity — again like Dem candidates. Our moribund pop culture and the Democrat Party are two symptoms of the same disease.

Who Owes and Who Gets Reparations?

Now that reparations fever has spread beyond the leftist lunatics dominating the Democrat side of the 2020 presidential race to infect even Europeans, let’s give some thought to who owes them and who gets them:

True enough, it all comes down to Cultural Marxism and buying votes from moochers with no pride.

Reparations for African Colonists in Europe

Democrat presidential candidates Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, and Julian Castro have endorsed paying blacks direct reparations in addition to the Affirmative Action, general favouritism, and massive welfare benefits they currently enjoy. Nothing is too good for the historically unsuccessful. But why should this apply only in the USA, which has already sacrificed 620,000 lives largely on behalf of blacks in the Civil War? Why shouldn’t descendants of the Europeans who tried to spread civilization into Africa be made to pay?

The European Parliament overwhelmingly approved a resolution Tuesday addressing “structural racism” in Europe against Europeans of African descent. The resolution calls for “reparations for crimes against humanity during European colonialism.”

“Europeans of African descent” refers to Africans who came to Europe of their own free will to climb aboard the gravy train and their explosively numerous offspring. Excuse me, I meant to say that they came to Europe in order to be oppressed by structural racism.

The resolution urges member states of the EU to form and execute anti-racism strategies within their home nations, specifically focusing on “the fields of education, housing, health, criminal justice, political participation and migration,” according to the European Parliament website. It also seeks to address “racial profiling in criminal law and counter-terrorism.”

Privileges in every corner of life will be augmented with a further widening of the migration floodgates so that still more can flood in from Africa to enjoy the highlife at Europeans’ expense — I mean, to be oppressed by structural racism.

Note that criminals and terrorists are singled out for special benefits. Maybe this will help Islamic terrorists from Somalia overcome being disadvantaged by their incompetence.

The resolution also clearly endorses action regarding reparations made to Afro-Europeans for “crimes against humanity during European colonialism.”

Pony up, taxpayers!

Africans had better enjoy these wonderful times while they can. The future, after Caucasians have killed themselves off through demographic displacement and miscegenation, will be less wonderful for them. After inheriting the world, instead of worshipping Africans, the Chinese may deal with them the way our ancestors dealt with Neanderthals.

2 thoughts on “Immune Disorder, Pop Culture & Reparations”

  1. The breathtaking hypocrisy of Europeans know no bounds. They talk about reparations for colonial actions whilst I am unaware of any European country making reparations, (save a minor ability for Jews to reclaim their properties in a few places under onerous rule laden and sometimes impossible pre-requisites), to European Jews (except Germany) who in many cases predated the so called ‘indigenous’ Europeans by sometimes a 1000 years. The same is true for Jews formerly resident in arab countries and made refugees.

    The French president still maintains many flats in Paris for his personal use that were plundered from French Jewry by Vichy because of the specious claim that they cannot find the rightful descendants! What mockery and degeneracy. Similarly Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Italy, France etc. have made no atonement for their outrageous persecution of Jews still within living memory.

    Damn Europe to hell. The muslims there that take it over will no better run these countries than those they have fled and when they kill the host they parasite upon they will be in the same place as all the 3rd world toilets they have hailed from.

  2. Re: “Now that reparations fever has spread beyond the leftist lunatics dominating the Democrat side of the 2020 presidential race to infect even Europeans…”

    “Even” Europeans?!

    Almost all libocrite leftopaths are whites, of European descent, and it’s all because of what I call “The White Curse:”

    PS: IN regards to the above analogy:
    Leftists are AIDS, and islam is CANCER.


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