More Terror Every Day

Islamic savages are warning Europe that Christian sites, possibly including the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, will become targets for new jihad attacks. An outfit affiliated with the Islamic State has published an image of Notre Dame’s bell towers engulfed in flames.

Fmr. Notre Dame Chief Architect: Ancient Oak Doesn’t Burn Like That

35 Churches have been targeted in France in the last 12 months, 12 of them in the last week alone. The official version, that an electrical short-circuit most likely caused the fire, is bullshit.

Expert casts doubt on official narrative

A former chief architect and general inspector of French historical monuments has cast doubts on the official narrative that the Notre Dame fire was likely an electrical short that set the iconic cathedral ablaze.

In other news:

Benjamin Mouton, who served as Chief Architect of Historic Monuments in France and oversaw restoration work of Notre Dame until 2013, says that it is highly unlikely an electrical short circuit took place and that it would take an extraordinary effort to ignite the ancient oak of the cathedral.

“So, you’re telling us that this type of timber doesn’t burn like that?” Mouton was asked by an LCI host.

“Oak that is 800-years-old is very hard — try to burn it,” Mouton said. “Old oak, it is not easy at all. You would need a lot of kindling to succeed… It stupefies me.”

Asked to present an explanation for how the blaze spread so quickly and with such strength, Mouton asserted that there were no additional precautions that could have been taken to ensure such a “quick” incineration could be prevented.

“In the Nineties, we updated all the electrical wiring of Notre Dame,” Mouton said. “So there is no possibility of a short circuit. We updated to conform with the contemporary norms, even going very far — all the detection and protection systems against fire in the cathedral.”

[Comment: Official narrative is a lie. Since the building is still closed, the conclusion of electrical short is a political conclusion, not an investigative conclusion. ]

2 thoughts on “More Terror Every Day”

  1. We all know what happened, but the cowardly French will never tell the truth about it. They’ll “investigate” until they can lie with a straight face that moslems didn’t do it.

  2. “Radicalized, violent, moslem extremists”, huh?
    I thought Bill was smarter than that. I thought that, by now, he have the guts to simply say “moslems”.
    Also, the “no evidence” thing works both ways. Even if there’s no evidence yet to show that it was moslems, there’s also no evidence to show that it was an “accident”. A lack of evidence doesn’t prove that it wasn’t something. It simply means that there’s a lack of evidence. Where they go after that is a political choice. And, you can bet that the French “investigators” are doing everything in their power to “prove” that it wasn’t moslems.

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