New York Times: ‘Notre Dame Was A Tinderbox’

On 9/11 we learned that ‘fire doesn’t melt steel’.  With Notre Dame still smoldering we learn that a building made of stone cannot burn. But if the tinder burns, it can only be an “accident or by natural causes.”

Thanks to the NYT we learn that ‘Notre Dame was a tinderbox’

All of Europe is a tinderbox. All of Europe will go up in flames if we allow Mohammedans to remain and to spread Islam.

The cathedral was all but assured to go up in flames. (NYT)

The NYT is a wankfest for imbeciles.

The Notre Dame Fire was NO Accident . . . the Pattern of Christian Churches Burned says We’re at War

A Muslim is clearly seen on TV video in an area of the Cathedral of Notre Dame that he should NOT have been in, as the fire broke out.  It now seems the destruction of the 850-year-old Cathedral was Islamic warfare.  It’s time to fight back. 

French billionaires have pledged more than $300 million to help repair the cathedral of Notre Dame. Meanwhile, culture-enrichers on French social media celebrated the fire in the cathedral.

Who and What Will Guide the Rebuilding of Notre-Dame?

Two fox anchors, & cut off 2 guests who dared to speak about the assaults on Christian & Churches in France. According to PI-News, a German news site, there were 1,063 attacks on Christian churches or symbols (crucifixes, icons, statues) in 2018.

It’s disappointing that Cavuto turns out to be a wuss. Shlepard Smith is beneath contempt. This poof has a long history of calling those who bravely resist the jihad, like Pamela Geller, ‘provocateurs’.

There can be no excuse for Islamophobia

 Is there anyone in the western world willing to  debate Islamo agitprops over imaginary diseases?

Islamophobes don’t really enemize and attack Muslims because they’re afraid.

When statistics are taken into consideration: Islamophobes aren’t being murdered or attacked, yet Muslims are being massacred at their hands. And yet, Muslims are still the ones feared.

Words fail me.

“Islamophobia” has made way for the massacre of millions of Muslims around the world.

Ignore the ideology, ignore the jihad against the world for 1400 years, ignore the35.000 jihad attacks since 9/11 that killed hundreds of thousands and crippled, raped and enslaved countless more: “Islamophobia”, this imaginary disease, is worse than all of these things combined: MPACUK will set you straight:

Muslims were and are great inventors, intellectuals and contribute heavily to society on a daily basis, but the Islamophobic narrative doesn’t allow society to acknowledge this. Algebra, hospitals, surgical instruments, maps, clocks, cameras, hygiene practises, flying machines, universities, coffee, wouldn’t be possible without Muslim inventors. Not to mention the significant contributions by Muslims in Geometry, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy etc.

Right. Where would we be without Islamic inventions?

“Australian Children”

Australian children are trapped in Syria and the Government must bring them home

By Elaine Pearson

Kazakhstan has acted, why can’t we?

Because we are not Kazakhstan, Elaine.

Elaine Pearson is Australia director at Human Rights Watch.

MSM pushing hard behind Macron agreed narrative – rebuilding, unifying, uniting, shared, togetherness. Anything to avoid asking the obvious question: who started it? Why did safety procedures / watchmen ‘fail’ & what was the odd smell of accelerant?


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  1. ScrewYouTube has already started censoring Ezra Levant’s little video which clearly shows a Soldier of Allah patrolling the Notre Dame Cathedral – obviously a diversity hire to prove how non-racist they are!

    “The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.”

    Sure, ScrewYouTube! The truth hurts – LIARS.


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