Paris: Notre Dame on Fire. ‘Let’s not jump to conclusions…’

This magnificent cathedral survived for 859 years. Until…

Fires don’t just “break out”. Did anyone blame the Jews yet?

Al Reuters:

Cause of Notre-Dame Cathedral fire not immediately clear; Paris fire dept. says major operation underway

Who needs historical cathedrals when you have the Quran already?

850 years old.  Can French firefighters save this beautiful cathedral?

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    At “best,” ALL the Cathedrals were taken over by the secular government, and their maintenance has been deliberately run into the ground ever since.

    1. How did the church of St. Sulpice in Paris catch on fire last month? Why are all the synagogues in France under police guard? Why were 754 Christian churches vandalized in France last year? Why is this happening every day in Europe?

    2. It’s not like they haven’t tried before:

      More than 875 churches were targeted in France in the last year alone.


      875 churches in France.

      Have been targeted

      In the last year alone.

      It’s still a decrease from 1045 previous year (if that makes you feel better.)

      One of the most marvelous cathedrals in the world, Notre-Dame of Paris, an absolute jewel, has been destroyed!

      The cathedral didn’t implode. It didn’t set itself on fire.

      It wasn’t an accident.

      Here, from a Frenchman who lives nearby:

      The fire is criminal (the fire started at least in 2 different places, according to LCI, a French TV) ! (during 9 centuries, there was never a single fire in Notre-Dame !)
      It’s a very big probability that this crime, in the middle of the Christian Holy Week, was committed by Muslim thugs !
      In 2016, 2 veiled Muslim women tried to detonate a car filled with explosives in front of Notre-Dame (
      At the beginning of March, an illegal Muslim immigrant tried to burn down the Saint-Sulpice church (
      At mid-March, an illegal Muslim immigrant tried to burn down the organ of the Saint-Denis basilica (another jewel) and destroyed stained glass (
      On Twitter, thousands of Muslims are rejoycing and saying that they are happy that Notre-Dame was destroyed ! (
      And when our churches, our cathedrals, our cemetaries, our monuments, are destroyed by Muslim immigrants, Macron uses our policemen to protect… the mosques !!! (
      That’s not surprising, for this anti-French racist who said that “there is no French culture” ! (
      Macron is an absolute criminal, he supports the Muslim invaders who are slaughtering us and destroying our country !
      Hollande will stay in history for the Muslim terrorist slaughter in the Bataclan (Novembre 2015), where Muslims beheaded and emasculated and eviscerated French men, women and children, according to the official report by the French National Assembly ( , search “décapité”), and Macron will stay in history for the destruction of Notre-Dame by his beloved Muslim thugs.
      Where I live, absolutely everybody HATE Macron !
      Notre-Dame was one of the most important jewels of all human history. It started the “gothic” architecture revolution, that was, from 12th to 15th century called “francigenum opus” (“French art”) before being called “gothic” by the Italians. It’s the epitome of Western civilization and christian art. The framing of the roof, which was one of the biggest masterpieces of human carpentry, is permanently destroyed. The stained glasses (biggest and most ancient rose windows in Europe) are probably saved.
      Some other informations :
      1) the workers who were refurbishing the roof of Notre-Dame are among the best specialized craftsmen in the world, concerning the restauration of medieval monuments (their title is “Meilleur Ouvrier de France”).They love their work, and take all the necessary precautions. They have worked in many rooms of the Castle of Versailles, they have restored many churches and cathedrals. For example, they worked during more than 20 years on the marvelous Strasbourg cathedral (I lived in Strasbourg and saw their progress), and there was never a single problem.
      2) the workers stopped at 6:00 PM, the fire started at 6:50 PM, near scaffoldings, used to climb there.
      3) no electricity was allowed near the roof, because it was made in wood and as a matter of security, every inflamable thing was banned too. So, to have a fire there, someone needed to bring something.
      Best regards,

  2. I am glad I got to visit Notre Dame in the late 1980s. That experience will never happen again for anyone no matter what new ‘replica’ they build there. The idea was they built such a magnificent building without the technology and machines of the modern age. A peplica will not be the same. At least much of the stone structures can be enshrined in the new structure.

    It was only a month ago that another historic church Saint Sulpice was set on fire. Funny, haven’t heard a word about that arson investigation. Why is no one in the media talking about the vandalism/arson wave hitting Christian institutions in France? We know the answer to that.

    What will be set on fire next? Castles in the Loire Valley? Any of the hundreds of museums in France? Eiffel Tower? WE can see the fiery future ahead for all of us? Islam is poison.

  3. With attendance and tithes down thanks to Popish communism, perhaps the church is tapping into insurance revenues to fund their priests’ lavish lifestyle entitlements?

    Just sayin!’


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