Mohammedans rejoice over Notre Dame church burning

France’s historic cathedral’s spire and roof have collapsed as a raging inferno took hold of the 850-year-old landmark.

A visual metaphor for the death of the old continent. While some rejoice others rightfully fear what will follow.

Notre Dame survived nearly a millennium — wars, plagues, revolutions and counter-revolutions, Napoleon, Hitler. What went wrong in 2019?

Who is going to believe the “official” explanation for the cause of the Notre Dame fire? Trust in Macron’s government is very low.

This is what we should be hearing from our PM, but we hear nothing:

5 thoughts on “Mohammedans rejoice over Notre Dame church burning”

  1. I just saw some expert on CNN from the Catholic Register state it was an accident with NO qualifier as though arson has been ruled out. How can you say that? To me, he was trying to nip in the bud any suspicion the muslims did it. When I hear th e word ‘expert’ I think watch out! lol

  2. The media (FOX included) on Notre-Dame:
    “Meh – maybe some people did something.”

    Personally, I’d ask where Pope Francis was yesterday.
    After all, we all know muslims don’t know how to use fire.


  3. But seriously – it’s obviously Micron’s very own REICHSTAG FIRE moment – a great way to distract the media from the ongoing “yellowjacket” protests/ SECOND FRENCH REVOLUTION.

  4. With attendance and tithes down thanks to Popish communism, perhaps the church is tapping into insurance revenues to fund their priests’ lavish lifestyle entitlements? Just sayin!’

  5. Isn’t it strange that they had NO security cameras?
    Perhaps the priests didn’t want to be monitored!
    I hear they get frisky with altar boys after dark!

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