Sri Lanka shuts down churches & protects mosques

The ABC is back to their usual BS reporting:

Sri Lanka Muslims fear backlash from Easter attack

The ABC doesn’t actually report about Islamic terrorism, it focuses on a small group of Ahmadiyya Moslems who are hauled up in Sri Lanka.

And just like that, an Islamic terror attack which killed 359 people has largely dropped out of the headlines.

Muslims are the victims, as always:

Sri Lanka’s Muslims fear retribution in wake of Easter attacks

“What has happened now is that the entire Muslim community is being vilified, demonized and Islamophobia is being heightened like never before on the island, and it has also been reinforced in other parts of the world.” …

Muslims pray under military protection in Sri Lanka after riots

COLOMBO: Soldiers and police guarded mosques across Sri Lanka during Friday prayers amid fears of new anti-Muslim attacks after four days of riots that have left at least three dead.

Sri Lanka Catholic Church Services Suspended After Blasts: Priest

“On the advice of the security forces we are keeping all churches closed,” a priest told AFP.

A series of coordinated bombings on Easter Sunday rocked Sri Lanka, killing at least 253 people (death toll revised down from 359 by authorities) and wounding 500 others.

Melbourne ‘radicalised’ him!

Racism and intolerance only applies when Mohammedans don’t get their way. Don’t even mention that Islam doesn’t tolerate the infidel. That would be racist and intolerant.

Sri Lanka police looking for 140 ISIL suspects: President

One of the Sri Lankan suicide bombers, responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Christians over Easter, was allegedly radicalized in Melbourne, Aus.

Australia has a problem with radicalism – but it sure as hell isn’t coming from the “far right”.

The far-left care about minority voices and the oppressed*

*So long as they parrot far-left dogma. Otherwise they must be destroyed

Leftoids have no interest in debate at all. They believe free-speech, the rule of law and parliamentary democracy are institutionalised power structures for white, European, Christian men.

Salvini Demands Security Services Increase Observation of Islamic Cultural Centres

Salvini should shut down the illegal mosques. Islam is not ‘culture’, it’s  ideology in the guise of religion.

Populist Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has outlined proposals for the security services to do more to observe and root out extremism in the country’s Islamic cultural centres.Go there. Take a look at these “islamic cultural centres” and see what you will find. Nothing to do with culture.Salvini made his case for increased security measures during a press conference this week at the Interior Ministry, highlighting the recent Sri Lanka terror attack that killed some 250 people over the Easter weekend, saying that Italians needed more clarification on the extremist elements within the Islamic community, Il Giornale reports.

2 thoughts on “Sri Lanka shuts down churches & protects mosques”

  1. “Culture” really only means “social education.” Therefore, since all muslim “cultural centers” must be based on islamic “culture” – on THOU SHALT KILL might -makes-right and us-vs-them (you know – on criminality) ALL such crime-culture centers should be closed as the gangster crime-dens they really are; ditto all those unsightly genital mosques infecting and polluting our landscapes.

  2. There should be a cartoon of some Crocodile Dundee-like Ozzy schoolteacher abusing poor innocent muslim children by telling them islam means war and that they’re supposed to kill the infidels wherever they find them – you know, “radicalising” them, as their horrified, tied-up and gagged muslim parents are forced to watch, while thinking “No, no! That’s not true! Islam is a great religion of peace! Don’t listen to this mad man, kids!”

    I mean, after all – isn’t that what the rat-bastard traitors in the enemedia are implying, by saying some formerly naive, innocent young muslims were “radicalised” in Australia?!

    Of course it is!

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