Cleese, Francis, ScoMo & Mueller

Monty Python star John Cleese is under fire from the left for daringly, controversially pointing out that multicultural Londonistan no longer feels very English.

To say that Londonistan is a foreign city these days is about as contentious as saying that sheep make baaing noises and are a useful source of wool.

Monty Python never would have been funny if it had been made up of the NPC types who rigidly conform to liberal ideology. This makes it inevitable that John Cleese would fall afoul of the thought police:

Terry Gilliam has also established himself as a thought criminal by failing to sufficiently revere diversity. Collect Monty Python on DVD before it goes the way of Dukes of Hazard. (Moonbattery)

Mueller Justice Witch Hunt

Scott Morrison being called out for “failing to protect Muslim Australians”

This picture gives the impression that ScoMo is leading the pack.

Leaked video shows Islamic leaders calling on Scott Morrison for protection against “hate speech”

Mohammedans call the truth about Islam “hate speech” in order to shut down those who reject domination by this cult. It is idiotic to pander to them.

Scott Morrison told ABC News Breakfast he was welcomed at Lakemba Mosque on Saturday with “warm embraces”, but failed to mention that Islamic leaders also criticised him and attributed the terror attack to years of Islamophobia.

“Over the last decade, I have spent my time as a public figure working with the Muslim community in south-western New South Wales,” he said.

“That’s why I’m welcomed when I attend mosques in south-western Sydney, with warm embraces.”


Pope Francis Compares Trump’s Border Wall to Berlin Wall

This dope is one malevolent POS.

DHS Fast-Tracks Migrants Straight into Jobs

DHS Fast-Tracks Migrants Straight into Jobs

The Deep State is still there and if Trump doesn’t drain the swamp we’re stuck with it.

One thought on “Cleese, Francis, ScoMo & Mueller”


    Without bothering to investigate it, liberals always deny islam could ever be a threat because muslims are brown people who can never be a threat to white people because, to racist liberals, they’re always presumed to be mentally inferior to all whites.

    So there’s never any need to investigate islam, because it’s just some sort of a silly and ultimately harmless brown-person’s superstition, to which they’re racially entitled. There’s no way it could ever be a threat to whites, nor could it have inspired Nazis.

    Only whites, by dint of their superior intelligence, can be evil racists who are always the main threat to the inferior browns.

    To racist and mentally delinquent liberal criminals, only whites can be held to be guilty of any crimes, because crimes require mens-rea guilty mind criminal intent, which no black or brown mentally inferior muslim can ever have the mental capacity to be.

    Further, all whites are Christians, so Christianity is oppressive; and all blacks are muslims, victims of the evil Christians.

    These are the most shallow, visceral feelings of all hateful liberal racists, which mere facts will never affect, because these feelings are so self-evident that there’s never any reason to consider that most Christians today are black Africans, not smug and plump white Europeans in business suits – nor that muslims come in all races and colours, too; nor that Arabs are whites. And there’s no way Muhammad was “the Whitest of men” who owned black slaves.

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