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  1. How the left (USED TO) win !!!
    These Thieves Robbers Thugs and
    Their Screaming in your face Banchees …
    Our Treasonous authorities …
    Also use the …
    ALINSKY Method (What The Heck Is It) ?
    CHARACTER Assassination !!!
    (used publicly against non-racist Senator Anning by Communist LABOR GREENS and some not so independent or non-affiliated independent candidates) !

    To Thwart their objectionable tactics …
    1. SMILE

    This Communist Method of agitation is Being Used To Destroy Our Western Freedoms
    Albert V. Burns

    The “targets” of such manipulation rarely, if ever, realize how they are being manipulated.
    If they do suspect, they generally have no idea how to defeat the process.

    This method is being used at all levels of government to force meetings toward PRESET conclusions.
    There are three steps to defeating this process.
    They are simple to learn, if not always easy to put into practice since the Facilitators are well trained in agitation techniques.

    The first rule is:
    Always be charming, pleasant and courteous.
    Speak in a normal voice to avoid seeming to be belligerent or aggressive.

    Rule No. 2 is to
    Write your question or statement down in advance to help you stay on track.
    These Change Agents are trained to twist the conversation around to make the questioner appear foolish or belligerent or aggressive.
    The idea being to put the questioner on the defensive.
    Be careful!
    As mentioned in Rule 1, always be charming, pleasant and courteous (even if it kills you to do so!)
    Often an attempt will be made to change the subject, digress or distort your intent.
    Always bring them back to the question you asked!
    If they distort your question into what amounts to an accusation of them, simply state clearly and precisely:
    “That is NOT what I stated.
    What I asked was…
    “(here repeat your original question.)
    Do not be distracted or angered by their efforts to make you look bad.

    Rule No. 3:
    When the Facilitator realizes that putting you on the defensive is not going to work, quite often he, or she, will go into some long drawn out discussion of some unrelated or only vaguely related subject.
    Such a discussion may drag on for a number of minutes.
    The intent being to have the crowd become bored and forget what the original question was.
    Let them run on, then very calmly, ànd quietly but with determination drag them back to the subject by saying:
    “But you didn’t answer my question!
    My question was…”
    (again repeat your question.)

    Never, NEVER allow yourself to become angry.
    Anger directed toward the Change Agent makes him or her the victim.
    Their object is to become liked by the crowd, to be seen as a friend by a majority of those present to convince that majority the ideas of the Facilitator are correct and acceptable.

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