Islam Can’t Change and Won’t Change

The entire religion is set up so it cannot be changed.

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When it comes to Islam, people always like to say: It depends on how you interpret it. I say: Not!

Some people think that the answer to a reformed Islam is as simple as interpretation. Good luck with that.

Mohamad Tawhidi Prepares a Useful List

 Mohamad Tawhidi, the well-known “Imam of Peace” who smites the Islamist enemy hip and thigh, has compiled a useful list of Islamic groups engaged in terrorism. It’s a list to keep with you, so that you can pull it out, and read it aloud, the next time you are in a discussion …Read More…by Hugh Fitzgerald

Sri Lankan ministers warn of more attacks

Sri Lankan officials have warned that those behind the Easter Sunday bombings that killed more than 250 people and injured hundreds could be planning to strike again. (AP)

Sri Lanka intelligence warns of attack on Buddhist temples
Sri Lankan intelligence has received information on an attack targeting Buddhist temples by the National Thowheed Jamaath extremist group, using female bombers, the media reported on Monday. Intelligence officers have found white pairs of skirts and blouses from the …Read More…From the the Hindustan Times
China Ratchets Up Its Anti-Islam Campaign in Xinjiang
 In May 2018, the Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, Yao Jing, gave a lengthy interview to a Pakistani paper defending the Chinese government’s treatment of the Muslim Uighurs. Among other claims, he insisted that the Chinese government has given full freedom to the Muslims and …Read More…by Hugh Fitzgerald

Tommy Robinson told by police to stop handing out free burgers as ‘bribes’ during election rally

At the “Family BBQ” held in Wythenshawe, the former English Defence leader confirmed he will stand in the European elections next month as an independent candidate in the North West of England. Around 300 supporters tuned up to hear the controversial …Read More…From Sky News and the London Evening Standard

Congratulations to Al Jazeera, the Middle Eastern broadcaster owned by Qatar. Its plan to smash One Nation has succeeded.

The party will be shattered by the film Al Jazeera secretly shot of One Nation’s Queensland leader, Steve Dickson groping a stripper and discussing the sexual performance of Asian women he’d slept with.

In fact, to make sure of it, someone in Al Jazeera gave that footage to Channel 9 at no charge, to run on Tuesday on A Current Affair.


Bingo! Dickson, a grub, has now quit in shame and One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has been left looking a dupe, just when her party has slumped to only 4 percent in Newspoll. No wonder she cried on TV.

That polling slump was in part because of Al Jazeera’s previous effort, secretly filming Dickson and One Nation adviser James Ashby asking America’s National Rifle Association for advice.

But Al Jazeera’s cunning editing of that footage — then screened on the ABC — made Dickson and Ashby seem to be asking the NRA for money.

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