“It was inspiring to hear the chant of the Azan wafting through the Cathedral precincts. ..”

You can’t make this shiite up:

Catholic Church Hosts Western Sydney Interfaith Iftar Dinner

On Monday 20 May 2019, the Diocese of Parramatta and the Columban Centre for Christian-Muslim Relations co-hosted an Interfaith Iftar Dinner at the St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta.

Bishop Vincent (4th from right) with guests at the Interfaith Iftar Dinner. (Diocese of Parramatta)

The proceedings began precisely at sunset with the Azan (The Muslim Call to Prayer) recited by Sheikh Eid, a visiting scholar from Al-Azhar University in Cairo who is assisting with religious services in the Parramatta Mosque during Ramadan.

It was inspiring to hear the chant of the Azan wafting through the Cathedral precincts.

Won’t be long now before allahuakbaring Mohammedans keep wafting through the Cathedral precincts with scimitars chopping the heads off these “interfaith” clowns.

Ramadan Rage – Casualties Exceed 1,000 at End of 3rd Week: 531 Deaths, 556 Injuries

File photo


Illegal alien? I thought they’re all just ‘migrants?’

French media reports that the suspect in the Lyon, France, package bombing is an illegal immigrant from Algeria.

Police arrested Mohamed Hickem M., 24, on Monday on suspicion of being the perpetrator behind the suspected parcel bomb attack in Lyon, France’s third most populous city, on Friday which resulted in 13 people being injured.

UK: inquest told London bridge ringleader “like lion out of cage’ when with hate preacher Anjem Choudary
“Dark Forces”:

Merkel Piles Guilt on Germans  By Invoking Hitler


Salvini Says No to ‘Eurabia’ in Italy After Report on Swedish Migrant Areas

The perverse, irrational situation where brainwashed people defend and align with their captors, Stockholm Syndrome, seems to have taken over all of Sweden.

Italian populist Interior Minister Matteo Salvini took to Twitter this weekend to comment on an Italian television programme on Swedish migrant areas, saying he did not want Italy to become like Sweden.

Swedish Police Consider Making Updated ‘No-Go’ Area List Secret 

Sweden: New ‘No Go Zone’ Police Station Rammed by Car, Attacked by Masked Arsonists 

“Muslims are now Attacking Police and others in Europe” , for daring to enter “their” islamic zones…….

This is not immigration — This is colonisation. Sweden is occupied by a Moslem army.


Pope Francis Holds up Sweden as Model of Successful Immigration


Pope Francis said Sweden is a model of good immigration policy and is “full of Latin Americans.”

Is he looking for asylum?

The issue of immigration is “a priority in the world today,” the pope said in an extensive interview released Tuesday by Vatican News, and in his mind Sweden is an example of immigration done right.

“I always put forward the example of Sweden, which I know very well,” Francis said, since they took in many Latin Americans and Argentinians in the 1970s and later.

6 thoughts on ““It was inspiring to hear the chant of the Azan wafting through the Cathedral precincts. ..””

  1. Next press release they’ll claim it was inspiring to smell the smoke and see the flames joyfully flickering as their cathedral burns to the ground, bringing them closer to peace on Earth.

  2. Can someone explain these ignorant clerics to me. Do any of them understand theology, Christian, Muslim? We have to recognize that the Churchs’ leaders are mostly idiots.

    1. Agreed!
      2 Corinthians 6:14
      “Do not try to work together as equals with unbelievers, for it cannot be done. How can right and wrong be partners? How can light and darkness live together?”

  3. Actually . . .
    what do you call Church leaders and our authorities
    (being our politicians judiciary (w)academics … and the (w)academics’ students)
    who KNOWINGLY islam-assist . . .
    (and why have these criminals been active for so long)

    Remove and incarcerate the Church leaders and our authorities
    (being our politicians judiciary (w)academics … and the (w)academics’ students)

    Then ASAP (or sooner) by every means available . . .
    Efficiently and Effectively remedy the islam-infected problem knowingly caused by the recently incarcerated !!!

  4. It’s even worse than that. On my understanding of Islamic teachings, once Muslim prayers have been offered up in an infidel place of worship, that infidel place of worship immediately becomes a mosque. And, of course, now that the Catholic Cathedral in Paramatta has become a Mosque, it becomes the duty of all observant Muslims to drive the infidels out of one of Islam’s Holy Places. It’s a pity that the current generation of Christian clerics know nothing whatever of comparative theology, and Islam in particular, but I guess Pope Francis thinks the Paramatta Cathedral people are all wonderful.

  5. Currently under CAIR’s FALSE litigation jihad . . .
    Tennessee’s Coffee County District Attorney
    Craig Northcott / Daniel Berry
    (from a removed facebook post)

    Their belief system is evil, violent and against God’s truth.
    If they follow the teaching of their “god” and lead the life exemplified by their “prophet”, they must kill anyone who does not believe their lie.
    They are taught to commit many atrocities in the name of their “god” including paedophilia, beating their wives, female genital mutilation and “honor” killings.
    They are not evil because of their gender, skin colour or country of origin.
    Instead, they are evil because they profess a commitment to an evil belief system.
    They are no less evil because they don’t act on their belief system if they refuse to disavow that system.
    Romans 1:32 comes to mind in which we are taught that you are just as guilty before God if you give approval to those who engage in evil acts.
    It is no different to being part of the KKK, Ayran Nation, etc.
    If you support those viewpoints, you are rightly and readily condemned in our society.
    However, it is now politically incorrect to take a stand against islam that has the same core of hate.
    I do not hate the individual but I will not be cowered into pretending that their belief system is legitimate or one of peace.
    We are fools if we don’t recognise this and protect ourselves, our families, our communities, our country from succumbing to this present and growing threat.
    Take a look at what is happening in Europe and see if you want that for America
    .” … [sic]
    (and the same applies for Australia AND New Zealand) !!!

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