The Freedom of Hamas

Let me tell you all what Hamas is doing here:

1. On the EVE of Ramadan they fire rockets at Israel, Israel retaliates, people die,

2. FakeNews uproar, Pals seek financial aid (happens every 3 yrs)

3. DemoRats Trashida, Ilhan & Pelousi attack Trump…

Bombs rain down on Gaza and kill ‘mother and her unborn baby’ after hundreds of rockets are launched at Israel

But wait, there’s more:

Hamas, Islamic Jihad: ‘We’re close to open war with Israel’…

Israel’s threats against the Palestinian “resistance don’t scare us,” said Mushir al-Masri, a senior Hamas official. “We are confident that the resistance is capable of teaching the enemy harsh and painful lessons.”

Israel, he added, will not “see security as long as the blockade, sanctions and aggression continue.”

 Israel has to go into Gaza and remove the cancer that is Hamas. Israel has every right to defend itself from terror. We stand with Israel and the IDF as they protect Israeli civilians from genocidal, Hamas terrorists.

Trashida’s “Freedom”

“Freedom” for Mohammedans means to be in a position to force Islamic ‘law’, the sharia, on everyone.

What on Earth do you mean “OUR” Palestinian People?! You’re a sworn member of Congress. You work for the AMERICAN people. Or do you??

Israeli babies in Southern Israel are sleeping in bomb shelters tonight. Don’t they deserve to live normal lives, with no rockets hitting Israeli homes?

There’s not a country in the world that would not—or should not—completely eliminate a missile threat like the one from Gaza. Every serious person knows this.

1. Hamas controls Gaza.

2. Hamas is firing rockets at civilians in Israel.

3. is defending Hamas.

Real question is how many times will rush to the defense of terrorists?

See how Trashida’s sister in Islam tries to whip up anti-Israel sentiments?  Note also how she uses psychobabble keywords like “unsustainable” and red herrings like “security and lasting peace”, which exists nowhere in the dar al Islam.

This is outright Hamas propaganda, rife with countless falsehoods. There is no occupation in Gaza. Omar’sHamas friends are responsible for the deaths of children. They were not protesters. Stop defending jihadi terrorists!