Civil War in France

The war against France is anything but ‘civil’. It is in fact a jihad against civilisation.

What the Mainstream Media is Covering Up About Notre Dame

A total of 875 of France’s 42,258 churches were vandalized in 2018, with a small fire set to the Saint-Sulpice church in Paris in March, according to French police.

In the same week that the fire broke out at the Saint-Sulpice church, another 11 churches were vandalized. According to the Ministry of the Interior, a total of 1,063 anti-Christian acts were recorded in 2018 alone.

The Notre Dame Cathedral fire coverup seems to be going in full force….

I’m honestly not one of those tin foil hat conspiracy types, but from the beginning here’s been something extremely misleading about how all of mainstream media is handling this tragedy.

There have been over 875 acts of some sort of vandalism on Catholic churches in a year….and that’s just in France alone. But in the very same breath, the media is heavily pushing this as an “accident.”

In other news:

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  1. Yet the French will not vote for LePen. Europe must get a lot, lot worse before any real change will occur. Of course, by then, it will be too late.

  2. They are the slaughterers coming to our towns because we havent paid attention to the fact THERE IS NO GRAY AREA.
    Its all TAQIYYA.

    That’s why they want a global government:
    It’s easier to slaughter adults and rape the children.
    That’s the islamic way. Women are only for child-bearing.

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