Germany ‘loses track’ of 160 returning Islamic State jihadis

No shiite. Only 160?

What could possibly go wrong? These jihadis will no doubt settle down and become loyal, productive German citizens. Won’t they, Ms. Merkel?

Of course, it is Merkel’s policies that made this happen. Her open-door immigration stance made it easy for these jihadis to return to Germany, which — like other Western countries — didn’t dare charge them with treason and/or refuse them entry. Merkel will go down in history as the most destructive German Chancellor since Adolf Hitler.

About 1,000 Germans traveled to the Middle East to join the ‘Islamic State’ after 2013. A third of them have since returned to Germany. Some died on the battlefield, others are in prison, but many appear to be missing.

The End of an Era—A Feminist Firebrand Looks Back

You know what the Quran says about women.

“One chapter of ‘Politically Incorrect Feminist’ deals with a particularly painful truth that Phyllis Chesler has not previously written about: the high rates of mental illness among Second Wave feminists.”

“The multicultural canon has not led to independent, tolerant, diverse, or objective ways of thinking. On the contrary; it has led to conformity, incivility, and totalitarian herd thinking.”--Phyllis Chesler.

After 9/11, I felt as if the Afghanistan I’d fled so long ago had followed me right into the future and into the West. That distant and dangerous country began to dominate American and European headlines. Muslim women started wearing burqas (head, face, and body coverings) and niqabs (face masks) on the streets of New York City, London, and Paris.

As global violence against women gained horrendous momentum, many Western feminists became increasingly afraid to criticize that violence lest they be condemned as colonialists and racists. This fear often trumped their concern for women’s human rights globally.

This was not the universalist feminism I helped pioneer. We favored multicultural diversity; we were not multicultural relativists. We called out misogyny when we saw it and didn’t exempt a rapist, a wife beater, or a pedophile because he was poor (his victims were also poor) or a man of color (his victims were often also people of color). We had little sympathy for a perpetrator because he had suffered an abused childhood (so had his victims).

Something about slaves I bet’cha didn’t know:

Uh Oh, Reparations Snafu! Native-Americans Owning African Slaves

The Cherokee and other “Civilized Tribes were  willful and determined oppressors of blacks they owned, enthusiastic participants in a global economy driven by cotton, and believers in the idea that they were equal to whites and superior to blacks.”

In other news: