How to Bypass the Australian Ministry of Truth

It turns out that the Australian government has blocked BitChute so that its citizens can be kept safe from “hate”.

Fortunately for Australians, the authorities chose the quick and dirty way of banning the site: they screwed up its DNS records on two of the main DNS providers in Australia. There’s a fairly easy way to redo your computer’s settings and bypass the government’s preferred DNS. The instructions below were posted earlier at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

How Australians can bypass state censorship of the internet


There are now only two kinds of journalists in Canada:

Those that are subsidized by Justin Trudeau.

And those that are banned by Justin Trudeau.

The latest from the U.S.:

Natural News banned by Facebook 24 hours after a Daily Beast hit piece. Just a coincidence, there’s no political bias and far-left websites aren’t in cahoots with Silicon Valley, honest!

Join the Greens and Help Destroy Europe!

The Green Party did well in most Western European countries, especially when compared with the previously dominant center-left and center-right parties. In Germany they gained 21%, second only to the CDU/CSU (28%).


And you wonder why journalists seem disastrously out of touch with what people actually vote for. Consider: the activist-infested journalists’ union recruits members “angry” at Morrison’s win, while journalism lecturers rail at the Islamophobia of opponents of female gential mutilation and fail to teach the basics of writing news.

Imam gets two years of prison da’awa for aiding the Islamic invasion of Britain

An Iranian imam named Mohammad Baraeikechighaleshi fainted when he was sentenced to two years in prison by a French court for arranging the smuggling of migrants across the English Channel in rubber dinghies.

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