Twitter blocks Geert Wilders

Twitter & Fakebook are censoring free speech & are thereby endangering the future of western civilisation. We were lectured by Hussein Obama that “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”. Twitter warned Michelle Malkin & Jamie Glatzov that they were violating Paki blasphemy laws. This has to stop.


Twitter uses digital totalitarianism yet again to enforce sharia in the Netherlands:

Dutch anti-Islam lawmaker Wilders says Twitter blocks his account

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – Dutch far-right politician and anti-Islam campaigner Geert Wilders said on Friday that Twitter had temporarily blocked his account following remarks he made about a political rival.

Wilders, who cannot easily appear in public due to threats against him by Islamists, relies heavily on Twitter to communicate with his supporters. He has 811,000 followers, second only to Prime Minister Mark Rutte among Dutch politicians.

“Twitter often tolerates death threats against me, but not a factual tweet by me about a colleague. Madness!” he said in a statement.

Twitter could not immediately be reached for comment. A spokesman for Wilders’ Freedom Party sent a screenshot of his account showing the ban, which was due to expire in around eight hours.

The tweet that led to Wilders’ block referred to D-66, a progressive center-left party as “suckers… who import ever more Islam and then weep crocodile tears over the consequences, such as honor killings.”

Wilders is currently appealing a 2016 conviction for inciting discrimination for an incident in which he led followers in chanting they wanted “fewer! fewer! fewer” Moroccans in the Netherlands.

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2 thoughts on “Twitter blocks Geert Wilders”

  1. At some point, people are going to have to have islam declared as the world’s largest and oldest ongoing crime and murder gang that it’s always been, still is, and always will be, and then either have these companies criminally charged for acting as willing accessories to the muslims’ crimes by suppressing evidence of same, and also thereby at least tacitly endorsing them – and/or arrange class-action lawsuits against them. Endorsing crimes and destroying evidence of crimes is a crime.

    EVERY instance of muslims making death threats should be investigated and the perps charged with the crimes. How hard is it to track IP addresses anyway? The cops in charge of those not doing so should be fired and jailed for covering up, aiding and abetting all muslim crimes as willing accessories after the fact and for actively conspiring to be willing accessories before the fact.


    Without bothering to investigate it, liberals always deny islam could ever be a threat because muslims are brown people who can never be a threat to white people because, to racist liberals, they’re always presumed to be mentally inferior to all whites.

    So there’s never any need to investigate islam, because it’s just some sort of a silly and ultimately harmless brown-person’s superstition, to which they’re racially entitled. There’s no way it could ever be a threat to whites, nor could it have inspired Nazis.

    Only whites, by dint of their superior intelligence, can be evil racists who are always the main threat to the inferior browns.

    To racist and mentally delinquent liberal criminals, only whites can be held to be guilty of any crimes, because crimes require mens-rea guilty mind criminal intent, which no black or brown mentally inferior muslim can ever have the mental capacity to be.

    Further, all whites are Christians, so Christianity is oppressive; and all blacks are muslims, victims of the evil Christians.

    These are the most shallow, visceral feelings of all hateful liberal racists, which mere facts will never affect, because these feelings are so self-evident that there’s never any reason to consider that most Christians today are black Africans, not smug and plump white Europeans in business suits – nor that muslims come in all races and colours, too; nor that Arabs are whites. And there’s no way Muhammad was “the Whitest of men” who owned black slaves.

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