United Nations’ new anti-“hate speech” campaign includes speech against UN programs

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United Nations’ new anti-“hate speech” campaign includes speech against UN programs


The United Nations unveiled its massive new project to combat hate speech — which includes speech against UN programs.

Formerly a socialist Prime Minister of Portugal, the current Secretary-General of the United Nations is António Guterres. You know António, right?  He was a major promoter of communism during the Cold War. He is a livelong commie rat.

In his new position of power, Guterres makes almost $300,000 Canadian annually along with an enormous benefits and expenses package. And he’s coming to censor you.

Once upon a time you may have heard a news story on censorship such as this from the mainstream media, but in the last ten years, they’ve traded their freedom for a promise of security — they’ve made a bargain: they’ll stop complaining about government intervention in what they can say and do, if the government pays them.

They’re not watchdogs, they’re lapdogs.

In a ten minute speech — I’ll show you the highlights — you’ll hear from the friendly-looking Guterres about how the United Nations will rebut, counter and fight back against political speech from around the world to which the UN disagrees.

Now, he starts off by talking about Jews and the Holocaust, but this isn’t about Jews, or the Holocaust. Even the Weimar Republic had hate speech laws under which Hitler and his Nazis were charged. That didn’t stop them. This is about banning speech that criticizes Islam.

Speech, says Guterres, is a precursor to violence. The opposite is often true, in fact — people can vent their grievances and frustrations, like a safety valve.

Employing far-flung interpretations of recent terrorist attacks in New Zealand, Sri Lanka and in the United States, Guterres mixes and matches buzz words to talk about the “root causes” of hate speech.

Of course, no global censorship campaign can be undertaken without the help of social media companies. The United Nations will be “monitoring activity,” and their job has already started with self-censorship occurring on those same social media platforms. For example, Twitter already obeys the censorship demanded by the government of Pakistan. Even I’ve had tweets deleted, with Twitter letting me know that they were indeed acting on behalf of the Pakistani government.

Under this new roll-out, you won’t see hate speech from the left countered, you won’t see Islamic hate speech countered or radical sermons in mosques.

After dancing around, António Guterres and the United Nations do have some sort of definition of hate speech: If you disagree with the UN, or its programs — that’s hate speech.