CAIR attacks Michelle Malkin for launching GoFundMe effort for battered Andy Ngo

Muslim Brotherhood front CAIR attacks Michelle Malkin for launching GoFundMe effort for battered Andy Ngo

The journalist Andy Ngo was set upon by Antifa demonstrators in Portland and severely beaten. City police stood down during the incident and did nothing to prevent the beating. Mr. Ngo was hospitalized overnight with bleeding on the brain. Sen. Ted Cruz has called on federal law enforcement to initiate an investigation of the mayor of Portland for the failure of the police to act.

Zakir Khan, top dog of the Portland Council on American-Islamic Relations, mocks & derides the battered Andy Ngo and promptly proclaims victimhood & “death threats” when the blowback comes. These Islamo-rats are despicable.

The Muslim jihadist from CAIR reveals an important link to concerned Americans. Here he is defending ANTIFA by attacking those who are exposing the nature and agenda of ANTIFA – that shows that CAIR (and the Muslim Brotherhood) are “partners in crime.” Add to this, the fact that Portland’s Mayor Wheeler gave ANTIFA free reign to riot and assault innocent citizens by telling the police to stand down, shows that the Democrat Party is also linked to ANTIFA, aiding and abetting their terrorism. This is the threat that America faces: The Democrat Party and their “brown shirt brigade” ANTIFA, along with the muslim jihadists of CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood are allies in the assault on Americans’ rights, liberty and the rule of law. The enemies of America are strengthened and emboldened after the disastrous 8 years of the Obama regime. We are at the brink.

In other news:

Anti-Trump Fever on Steroids

The toxicity of the resistance to President Trump has risen in recent days, with the nation’s most respected newspapers publishing rationalizations for denying Trump supporters public accommodation and for doxxing career federal employees, while a journalist found himself under physical attack from the so-called anti-fascist group Antifa, which has stepped up its violent activities since Trump’s election.

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One thought on “CAIR attacks Michelle Malkin for launching GoFundMe effort for battered Andy Ngo”

  1. The only job of government (politicians, police, courts) is to defend citizens from disasters both natural and man-made (crimes) so to tell cops to ‘stand down’ (to stop defending innocent citizens, enabling crimes) is a crime. Arrest the mayor and all cops who obeyed this illegal criminal order!

    And CAIR, Antifa, and the Democrats are all the exact same thing/s: Totalitarians (total control, aka slavery) and Collectivists (gangsters) because they all like using group-might-made-rights mob rule force to get others to do what they want, which is to do whatever they want, whenever they want to do it, to whomever they want to, and wherever they want to. They want pleasure without pain and rights without any reciprocal responsibilities.

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