Hiding behind skin colour is a bad way to cover up incompetence & corruption

Pencil Neck has another idea

Schiff: Trump Obstructing Congressional Oversight Might Be Grounds for Impeachment

Schiff Floats New Idea for Impeaching Trump

This a$$hole has lots of “new ideas”.

U.S. Marines ‘likely’ to enter Venezuela, says socialist party No. 2

Unlikely under Trump.

Alec Baldwin Suggests Border Enforcement ‘May Bring Down’ U.S.

That would be the opposite of reality.

After Elijah Cummings Attack, Donald Trump Taunts Nancy Pelosi and ‘Failing’ San Francisco

After Ripping Cummings, Trump Blasts Pelosi Over ‘Failing’ San Francisco…

Pelousi did not fail to line her own pockets.  Other than that, she hasn’t got much to show for.

Pelosi: Trump’s Criticism Another ‘Racist’ Attack…

Hiding behind skin color is a bad way to cover up incompetence & corruption.

Resident of Baltimore Agrees with Trump: Cummings ‘Hasn’t Done Anything for Us’

…Baltimore Resident Sides with Trump: Cummings ‘Hasn’t Done Anything for Us’…

‘White Guilt’ Steers Democrat Support for Uncontrolled Immigration

The increasingly open borders, mass immigration agenda of Democrats — driven primarily by white liberals, as research has found — has put the party in-line with the big business lobby that favors an amnesty for illegal aliens, an increase in legal immigration levels to keep U.S. wages low, and more temporary foreign visa workers to replace Americans in white-collar jobs.

Soros-Funded Groups Bankroll ‘Temporary’ Amnesty for Venezuela’s Population

President Trump Considers Labeling Antifa an ‘Organization of Terror’

Trump Considers Labeling Antifa ‘Organization of Terror’

One thought on “Hiding behind skin colour is a bad way to cover up incompetence & corruption”


    Just as “male feminists” throw all other men under the metaphorical bus, (claiming that “Of course there’s a Patriarchy, and all men are oppressively misogynistic chauvenists – except me, of course; I’m the only sensitive guy left in the world – please sleep with me?”) so also do all so-called “anti-racist” and “anti-fascist” activists (and all such libertine “liberal” extortionists always seem to be whites/Jews, don’t they?) throw all the other whites under that same proverbial bus, just to virtue-signal how non-racist/fascist they themselves are – to ingratiate their racist, fascist selves with those very same black swarthy victimal “People-Of-Color” pets whose violent animal instincts they so-rightly fear. In other words, such people as your own fine selves, are never anything more or less than self-serving hypocrites and traitors to all rationality and Civilization.

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