Patriot who fought London Bridge jihadists is treated as a potential terrorist

The Islamisation of Europe is a done deal. Those who are seen to oppose it are “right-wing extremists”.

The man who bravely fought off Islamic terrorists during the London Bridge attack has been put on a terror watchlist by the UK government & forced to attend de-radicalization classes over fears he could become a “right-wing extremist.”

Man Who Bravely Fought Off Islamic Terrorists is Put on a Terror Watchlist by UK Government

Over fears he might become a “right-wing extremist.”

Paul Joseph Watson

The ‘Lion of London Bridge’ who bravely fought off Islamic terrorists has been put on an anti-radicalization terror watchlist by the UK government over fears he could become a right-wing extremist.

Yes, really.

49-year-old Roy Larner screamed “f*** you, I’m Millwall” as he defended himself against jihadists who ended up killing 8 people and injuring 38 others during the horrific attack in London two years ago.

The attack left Larner with more than 80 stitches to his head, ear, arms and hands after two of the terrorists slashed at his head and neck.

Following the attack, Larner revealed that the terrorists had shouted, “This is for Allah” and “Islam, Islam, Islam” during the rampage.

Now Larner himself is being treated as a potential terrorist by the UK government.

Because he was allegedly contacted by far-right anti-Islam activists, Larner has been put on the government’s Prevent terror watchlist over fears he might become an extremist.

“They treat me like a terrorist but I’m not political at all,” said Larner, who revealed he has been forced to attend de-radicalization classes and is being monitored by the police.

Despite being hailed as a hero after the attack, with speculation that he could even be given the George Cross, the highest civilian award for gallantry, Larner is now literally being treated as a potential terrorist by his own country.

The United Kingdom is so addled with political correctness, it treats those who fought back against Islamic jihadists as terrorists.

Let the sheer intensity of that level of clown world insanity sink right in.

Just in case you had any doubts:

This traitor has it coming.

3 thoughts on “Patriot who fought London Bridge jihadists is treated as a potential terrorist”

  1. Proving all such libertine liberal criminals’ “laws” are really ever only crimes, based on victim-blaming paranoid “defensively pre-emptive” slander:

    “SINCE you COULD commit some crimes, SO you WILL commit them, so we HAVE TO stop you, by attacking you first!”

    Crime is defined as the free-will mens-rea (guilty mind/ criminally intentional) choice to attack (thereby innocent) other people first. Such a choice self-defines one as the predatory criminal aggressor, and they as one’s innocent victims – there’s no two ways about it!

    And so the only real Golden Rule of Law most simply defines morality as “Do Not Attack First!” (defensively and punitively counter-attacking second is a requirement to deter future crimes, but in society it’s not an individual requirement, as that would further enslave the victims to the criminals’ whims, schedules and time-tables, but one left to the police and courts.

    And not being allowed to attack first extends from the individual to and through all hierarchies – to all groups of individuals, from the family, clan, tribe, nation, state and global empire, as well. That means even the state or government has no right to attack any of its individual human citizen component parts first, either.

    So the only real right afforded to any and all of us through any sort of valid social contract is to not be attacked first, and our only real legal and/or moral responsibility is to not attack other people first. IT’S THAT FUCKING SIMPLE.

    But libertine “liberals'” – who by definition always choose to be delinquent to their responsibilities, as they always try to attain more and more rights with less and less responsibilities, by offloading same onto their victims, enslaving them by taking away their rights to defend them selves from the criminals, and leaving them only a falsely extorted responsibility to become and remain the criminals’ slaves – always ignore that simple fact.

  2. Being “forced to attend de-radicalization classes over fears he could become a “right-wing extremist”” is to punish him for a crime he has yet to even contemplate, much less commit.

  3. Re: “Frans Timmermans is now odds on favourite to take over from Juncker as European Union Commission President,” claiming “Diversity is seen as a threat” – well, no shit, Sherlock!

    “Globalism” is, BY DEFINITION, treason to all sovereign nations!

    Nations are formed organically, by free-will choice to associate with those we want to, and not those we are forced to by self-appointed expert authorities.

    “Europe will not remain a place of peace and freedom for very long” (as he puts it) only if the insane notions of enforced “equality” that this communist bastard wants to impose on everyone else – the crazy notion that attacking the successful and forcing them to dummy-down to the lowest common denominator – is the only “fair” way to treat the potentially hurt feewings of the jealous losers, lest they be forced by their own internal envy, to commit crimes against their more motivated betters!

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