They just keep coming…

115 migrants feared dead in ‘worst Mediterranean tragedy’ so far this year

Stop calling them ‘migrants’ as if they had some kind of entitlement to move from one place to the next. These people are welfare seekers. Undesirable, unassimilable savages.


Up to 115 Europe-bound migrants, including women and children, are missing and feared drowned after the boats they were travelling in capsized in the Mediterranean Sea off Libya.

Key points:
  • The boat capsized around 120 kilometres east of Tripoli
  • Some 300 people from several of African and Arab countries were aboard
  • The UN is calling on Europe to resume rescue missions in the Mediterranean

A top UN official described the shipwreck as “the worst Mediterranean tragedy” so far this year.

Yesterday’s news:

Youths’ Shouting ‘Allah hu Akbar’ Attack French Police Station

The attack occurred at 2 am on Friday at the Val-de-Reuil-Louviers police station with the 15 “youths”, all wearing hoodies, firing projectiles directly at officers, French newspaper Le Figaro reports.

Migrant Storms Church During Mass Demanding Cash

A young foreign man Mohammedan burst into a church in the Italian city of Pescara during mass, threatening the priest and parishioners while demanding money.

‘I’m Going to Chop Your Head off’: Jewish Man Threatened with Knife in Londonistan

No Muslim & no Islam to see here. Almost a non-event.

The victim, an Orthodox Jewish man in his 40s, was walking down the Whitechapel street on his way to work when he was reportedly threatened and called a “f***ing Jew” by a man who then allegedly pulled a knife and chased him down the road, whilst shouting antisemitic abuse.

U.S. Army War College Cancels Guest Speaker Critical of Islam

‘No Respect for Peace’: Taliban Attack in Kabul Kills 40, Injures Dozens of Children

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Andy Ngo Attorney: ‘I Do Intend to Hold the City Government and Potentially the Mayor’ Accountable for Attack

Ngo: How Many More People Have to Be Beaten Before Things Change?
Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Slammed for Tepid Response to Antifa Assaults
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2 thoughts on “They just keep coming…”

  1. If the UN really cared for these victims of oppression and the “women and children card”,blah blah blah sob story perilous journey across the ocean to flee despots…..
    Then why the hell are they not sending their peacekeeping forces over to Libya to sort this mess out?
    UN needs to stop acting as the mouthpiece of bullshit that it is.This organisation needs demonetised as a matter of urgency, and all its military personnel stood down,as well as military hardware decommissioning, and disposed of. Then concentrate on the confiscation of NGO vessels, as well as their destruction. This will help deter the invasion attempts of unwanted disease ridden detritus reaching European shores.
    On an environmental point,we should encourage a breeding program for sharks to patrol the waters,which would lessen the pollution impacts caused by vessels on our environment.?????

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