Where in the world would the police ‘lose’ the DNA profiles of 144 Islamic terrorists?

Police ‘lose’ fingerprints or DNA profiles of 144 terror suspects in shock blunder

Let’s get this right: these pigs lose the DNA of suspected terrorists, Mohammedans to be sure, but Tommy Robinson who reports on Moslem paedophiles gets imprisoned for it? What has Islam got on European governments?

They were lost from the Counter Terrorism Command’s database a year after 36 people died in attacks in two UK cities

Bungling officials lost the fingerprint records or DNA profiles of 144 potential terror suspects.

Nineteen were from people who “may have posed a threat to national security”, a report by Biometrics Commissioner Prof Paul Wiles said.

They were lost from Counter Terrorism Command’s database in 2018, a year after 36 people died in attacks in London and Manchester.

Humbug. Never happens. Corrupt swine got paid to ‘lose’ it. Any loss of evidence is deliberate. 

MI5 rates the current threat level as severe.

But according to the latest annual report by Biometrics Commissioner Professor Paul Wiley, scores of profiles of potential suspects were lost.

These “backroom activities” are keeping the frontline officers safe. This is a middle management activity, overseen by plump politically correct jobsworths, who it now seems are more concerned with identifying online hurty words than with creating secure record systems.

A table in his report outlines “losses of biometric material of potential CT (counter-terrorism) interest for the year ending 31 December 2018”.
.The 141-page study says: “Previous annual reports have recorded that a number of IT issues, procedural and handling errors have led to the loss of a significant number of new biometric records that could and should have been retained on the grounds of national security.

“During 2017 most of these issues appeared to have been resolved, with the new biometrics of 13 additional individuals lost; a substantial improvement on previous years.

“It is therefore disappointing to report that during 2018 the new biometrics of 144 additional individuals have been lost.”

A breakdown shows 73% of the losses were blamed on “an administrative error made during a manual data transfer to the software application used to manage NSDs (national security determinations)”.

Of the other losses, it says: “Eight cases were not reviewed by Chief Officers before the relevant biometrics reached their statutory deletion date, so the NSD could not be made.

“Eight cases were not progressed on time by the Counter-Terrorism Command.

“The remaining 24 losses were recorded as lost by MPS (Metropolitan Police Service) forensic services as the result of an oversight in the notification after the Schedule 7 stop had taken place.

“I am informed by the Counter Terrorism Command that of the 144 losses of biometric material, it is estimated that in 125 cases the material would not have been considered for retention under an NSD.

“In the remaining 19 cases, where there were concerns that the individual to whom the lost biometric material belonged may have posed a threat to national security, necessary steps have been taken to assess the necessity and proportionality of reacquiring the lost biometric material.”

A “Schedule 7 stop” refers to a power under the Terrorism Act 2000 where “examining officers” at ports and airports are able to stop, question and/or detain people in to find out whether they are likely to be engaged in acts of terrorism, without the need for any reasonable suspicion.

The DNA and/or fingerprints of 11,850 people were held on the system at the end of last year, meaning the loss of 144 records equates to 1.2% of all those held.

Some 1,994 of individuals – about 17% – had never been convicted of an offence.

The total number of profiles on the register ballooned from just 6,500 when the role of Biometrics Commissioner was set up in 2013, under the Protection of Freedoms Act.

Mum of girl, 16, raped by three Somali men tells how their 50 friends and relatives harassed her during trial

These savages can do that. And they get away with it. Unlike Tommy Robinson, who just wanted to ask some innocuous question.

THE MUM of a teenage girl who was gang raped by three Somali men has revealed how she was harassed by more than 50 friends and family when they were jailed for a combined 29 years.

Jane Smith (not her real name) claims she had to be smuggled into the back entrance of Manchester Crown Court “as if she was a criminal” to see the three men sentenced for raping her daughter, who was just 16 at the time.

A herd of more than 50 family members and friends gathered at the court as Bilal Ahmed, Mowled Omar Yussaf and Muhyadeen Osman were jailed for nine, ten and ten years respectively.


All three men, of no fixed address and Somali heritage, were 18 at the time of the rape and lured the victim, now 19, to Victoria Park Hotel in Manchester on August 9 2013 under the pretence of a game of “hide and seek”.

Jane claims throughout the two-month trial, relatives of the three men who raped her daughter gathered in huge groups and deliberately intimidated her and her family.

Many refused to move when they tried to get past in corridors, whispered abuse under their breath and stared at the victim’s family in an attempt to intimidate them.

Manchester Evening News


Family members of the rapists even protested with banners outside the court on the day of sentencing and many mobbed prison vans as the men were driven away from court.

Jane, 49, from Cheshire, said: “I was frightened throughout and my
husband was frightened. There were so many of them and many of them would goad me when I walked past and deliberately try to intimidate us.

“It was scary. If this is what it does to us, then what would this be
like for the victim of a rape case?


“My daughter was too traumatised and only attended the court on the few days she had to give evidence when thankfully there were less of them around. But I think it is awful that if she would have attended towards the end of the trial when more of them were there then she would have been subjected to this. It’s a disgrace and the system allows this to happen.

“No wonder that so many people are too scared to prosecute over rape if this is what they have to go through. We were scared throughout this but we just knew we had to keep going to get justice.”

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