Pakistan: who needs detergents when you got Islam already?

Western female enraged:

“We cannot insert western values in a sharia state like Pakistan”.

The video above is quite entertaining. The one below is a typical headbangers take who somehow tries to incite others to shun detergents.

This is an awareness video against Ariel who have done disrespect to the teachings of Holy Quran and ALLAH ajtf. Ariel have challenged in their Ad what Quran Majeed tells Muslims to follow. Ariel must publicly apologize or we should continue its boycott

One thought on “Pakistan: who needs detergents when you got Islam already?”

  1. Protest and Grumble dared to offend muslims?
    That Karyn Turk is a total fucktard!
    i.e: “How dare mentally superior whites dictate to the mentally inferior swarthy masses? Confusing them with logic is wrong!”

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