Alles klar, Herr Kommissar?

Germany’s Muslims call for an “Islamophobia” commissioner

More than 20 mosques received bomb threats in July, amid growing anti-Muslim propaganda

Fake news, false flag ops & Muslim grievance theatre. Pretending Moslems are the real victims of Islamic terrorism works like a charm for the soldiers of allah.

Mazyek underlined that the appointment of an Islamophobia commissioner would be an important signal, and authorities would become more sensitive about anti-Muslim crimes. …

Polish Bishops Denounce ‘Ideological Totalitarianism’ of LGBT Lobby

They’re onto something.

‘They Gave us Money… Did No Harm to Me’: Australian Jihadi Bride Reveals Her ‘Happy’ Life Under Islamic State in Syria

The Australian gov’t gives them money too. And they’re not being harmed either. What’s the difference?

The 26-year-old woman, who would not be identified, fled Australia for Syria in 2014. She is now living in a Kurdish-controlled northern Syria holding camp, al-Hawl.

Dutch Officials, Police Won’t Enforce New “Burqa Ban” Law

It’s just too hard. The moment they try to arrest one of these walking letter-boxes their whole extended family clans show up and start a riot.

Every Day is Hijab Day
UK: English Schoolgirls Asked to Wear Islamic Headscarf for ‘Hijab Day’
Orange Droppings vs “Islamophobia”
German train station experiment uncovers a root cause of bias toward immigrants

“Immigrants”is a euphemism for every third world savage who managed to get his a$$ to Germany.

Wurst Idea Ever? Germany to Tax Sausages to Fight “Climate Change”

It would be better to fight fake news, the Merkel regime and the mass-hysteria about a fake problem that drives people out of their wits.

BERLIN, GERMANY - JANUARY 19: A visitor holds a Thuringian rostbratwurst pork sausage with mustard sandwich at the 2018 International Green Week (Internationale Gruene Woche) agricultural trade fair on January 19, 2018 in Berlin, Germany. The International Green Week is among the world's biggest agricultural trade fairs and brings together …

German legislators have proposed raising the sales tax on meat from seven percent to 19 percent to fight climate change and improve animal welfare.

Taliban Kills 14, Wounds 150 in Midst of Afghanistan Peace Talks
How is “Salafism” different from  mainstream Islam?

The Swedish National Defence College has announced a new study that will examine the effects of the radical Islamic ideology Salafism in various cities across the country.

The new project, which is set to last until 2021, was described by Filip Ahlin, an analyst at the Swedish National Defence College, as a way to “describe the problem and develop knowledge that can lay the foundation for action”, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports.

Salafism, an extremist hard-line interpretation of Islam, is often linked to terrorism and to groups like the Islamic State and other terror organisations.

No shiite, Sherlock!

More from the Religion of Peace:

Wife’s Nose Hacked Off after Reporting Illegal Talaq…
Stockholm Bus Driver Refuses Service During ‘Prayer Time’…
Britain Plans to Put 5000 Muslim Graves Next to Rural Town of 613…
British School Puts Girls in Hijab for a Day to “Fight Discrimination”…
Belgian Newspaper Ran Op-Ed Asserting Jews Have “Ugly Noses”
CCTV Catches Barbaric Treatment of Animals at Halal Slaughterhouse
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Elderly Jehovah’s Witness Faces 10 Years Following ‘Analysis’ by Imams
Danish Imam: Leaders of Muslim Countries Serving “Crusaders”…
Taliban Bomb Blast at Shiite Mosque Leaves 14 Dead…
Colorado Man Posted “Hunting Guide” of Mosques, Synagogues…
Young Child Raped by Imam inside Mosque…
Palestinians Claim Israel, US Plan to Remove Arabs, Rebuild Temple…
Mosque at Hebrew University Calls Founding of Israel a “Holocaust”…

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  1. Every Day is Hijab Day

    UK: English Schoolgirls Asked to Wear Islamic Headscarf for ‘Hijab Day’

    Where is UK’s, Kathy Zhu?

    The Orlando Sentinel obtained screenshots of Zhu’s tweet about the Muslim Student Association at the University of Central Florida offering students the opportunity to try on hijabs.

    “There’s a ‘try a hijab on’ booth at my college campus,” Zhu wrote as a freshman in February 2018. “So you’re telling me that it’s now just a fashion accessory and not a religious thing? Or are you just trying to get women used to being oppressed under Islam?”

  2. “How is “Salafism” different from mainstream Islam?”

    How is “Sufism” different from mainstream Islam?

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