Cultural Enrichment News

Cultural enrichment in Khan(t)s Londonistan:

But why go to Londonistan? 

These ‘events’ are occurring here Downunder, where pollies keep telling us that we are “the most successful multicultural society” ever:

Just another day in dear old Victoria nothing to see here.

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Terrifying moment machete thug menaces guard
Two masked bandits charged into Ascot Vale Pharmacy

Sweden: Muslim migrant from Uzbekistan deliberately tries to run over people

That’s a rather nasty habit practised mainly by Mohammedan cultural enrichers, who have established themselves behind enemy lines.

In other news:

Murdering white wealth creators and stealing their farms is not working very well for the natives of Zimbabwe, which was once the breadbasket of Africa:

Zimbabwe, the former Rhodesia, was once known as the breadbasket of Africa.  After it was turned over to a self-serving, incompetent African dictator, Robert Mugabe, the white farmers were dispossessed, murdered and evicted. The country is destroyed and will not make a comeback anytime soon.

The same is happening in the U.S., where once beautiful cities, built by white people, have been turned over to self-serving blacks, thanks to demographics. This is a form of destruction no different from committing societiel suicide.