Green Greta & the Warming Cultists

St. Greta in USA to Preach Green Gospel…

Greta Thunberg, now arrived in New York aboard her holy vessel of carbon hypocrisy, is going to rest for a few days. And then she’s going on strike. A strike from resting.

We Should Never Listen to Stupid People, Especially Children

‘Green extremists are hiding behind children’

Leftists are using an autistic child to promote their radical agenda, because how dare anyone criticise her.

 Greta Thunberg has landed in the United States, to be greeted by two more members of her child army. The reason activists are hiding behind these children: they’re cowards. They count on adults not wanting to contradict those so young (and afflicted) even though Thunberg’s cult pushes nonsense. 

Sky News host Andrew Bolt believes 16-year-old activist Greta Thunberg’s climate emergency “is nonsense”, and “that is exactly why green extremists are now hiding behind children”.

Celebs are upset about some fires in the Amazon. Too bad they have absolutely no idea what the hell they’re talking about.

Greta Thunberg Silent at Climate Protest Outside U.N.

Bernie Sanders Signals He’s Open to a ‘Meat Tax’ to Combat Climate Change

Bernie Wants To Tax Your Meat to Combat Climate Change…
Masked Thugs Attack Hong Kong Protest Organizer with Baseball Bat

U.N. Chief: Climate Change Damaging Human Rights, Will Produce ‘Powerful Conflicts’

U.N. Chief: Climate Change Damaging Human Rights, Will Produce ‘Powerful Conflicts’

Anything to scare the gullible to believe in the totalitarian “science” of world communism in the guise of “climate change”.

Brazil’s Bolsonaro beats Macron (and the globalist media)

by José Atento with thanks to GoV

You probably have heard the fires in the Amazon region described as a great tragedy that is only occurring because of the “deplorable” government of Brazil, under President Jair Bolsonaro, and how the forest is doomed, and the planet’s oxygen is about to run out, global warming will peak to unprecedented levels, etc.

In reality, what happened was a large operation orchestrated by the globalist media with three objectives:

1. Destabilize the Bolsonaro government and destroy the recently-signed commercial agreement between the European Union and Mercosul.Why was Macron so adamant against Brazil, even asking for a boycott and the cancellation of this agreement? Because Macron is afraid of the power of Brazilian agro-business and how it will affect his already precarious situation with the French public, particularly, with its rural population.

The problem is that it becomes very difficult to use lies in the age of Internet. Macron used false data and old pictures, which have been readily debunked.

2. Create a situation that supports the call for international intervention, beginning with the Amazon Synod currently being organized by Pope Francis.One cannot dismiss the influence that the Catholic Church still has, particularly in a majority Catholic country like Brazil. And we know Pope Francis is more interested in the environment than in Christians who are being slaughtered by Islam, Communism and narco-trafficking. Such intervention would be consolidated by the more than one thousand international NGOs that have operated in the Amazon for a long time, with the support of the former Brazilian socialist government, and have received international donations from the Amazon Fund.
3. Based on this “environmental catastrophe”, put a portion of Brazilian territory under international rule. This would be accomplished by the creation of the Triple-A Corridor, connecting the Andes, the Amazon and the Atlantic, governed by indigenous nations under the control of international NGOs and big global financiers. All natural resources (including 90% of the world’s niobium reserves) would be under international control. (Who said the Globalist-Left alliance is against colonialism and imperialism?)

The lies were magnified to the maximum and barely dismissed afterwards. For example, the lie that the city of São Paulo was darkened by smoke from the Amazon. The media directly blamed Bolsonaro for the fires in the Amazon, hiding the fact that this is seasonal, and this year has been far from the worst.

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