Open Arms For Migrants?

Norway had enough

The move comes after the Proactiva Open Arms ship was allowed to dock on the Italian island of Lampedusa earlier this week after prosecutors gave the order.

The Norwegian government has confirmed it will not be taking in any migrants rescued by NGO Proactiva Open Arms in the Mediterranean, despite a French request.

Violence in Sweden is out of control.

– 7840 rapes last year, record high

– Record number of fatal shootings last year

– 120 bombings so far this year. 45% increase from last year

Now a mother was executed in broad daylight in Malmö

Why is not more people talking about this?

Terrorist Sheikh is in critical condition after “suffering” a heart attack whilst travelling to Canada

Maulana Yusuf Motala Sahib is one of the “most respected” senior Muslim scholars here in the United Kingdom. He is responsible for the founding of many different Islamic institutions in England.

Bolsonaro Says He’ll Accept Money For The Amazon If Macron Takes Back ‘Insults’

Macron said at the time that the Amazon is the property “of the whole planet”, and that “we can’t allow you to destroy everything (said to Bolsonaro).”

CNN was salivating today at the prospect of@DeutscheBank releasing@realDonaldTrump tax returns. Strangely, they are not interested to find Hussein Obama’s records.

Video: Fire Erupts at Massive Philadelphia Church

Video: Fire Erupts at Massive Philadelphia Church

Ridiculous headline. Fire doens’t  just “erupt” in a church. What’s really weird is that fire “erupts” in so many churches all over the world.

Could it be Jihad? But wait: bacon found near a mosque is much worse, isn’t it?

Trashida says Trump is ‘scared’ of her and the ‘Squad’


Divorce Filing: Wife Says Democrat Consultant Had Affair with Ilhan Omar

Divorce Filing: Wife Says Dem Consultant Had Affair with Ilhan Omar
Is the penalty for adulterous women not stoning under the sharia? Who will throw the first stone?
Why won’t Dems slam their anti-Semitic fellow congresswomen?

WASHINGTON, DC — A conservative watchdog group said Tuesday that it plans to file a complaint against US Rep. Ilhan Omar with the Federal Election Commission — after The Post revealed allegations that she’s dating one of her paid consultants.