Australia’s one & only ‘not halal’ butcher stands his ground

Butcher refuses to change ‘not halal’ signage

“despite being told it vilifies Muslims”– by whom?

A local butcher has refused to change a sign saying “not halal certified” despite being told it was “inciting hatred” against Muslims.

A butcher shop in South Australia has refused to change its shopfront signage despite being told it was “inciting hatred” towards Islamic people.

But the judgment panel took issue with the sign’s wording and the use of Australian animals, saying it gave the impression Islamic people might not be welcome inside the store.

Infidels are not welcome wherever Mohammedans have been able to settle in large numbers. Why would they want to go to an infidel butcher to buy non halal meat?

A complaint over the signage said it “pokes fun of a specific group of people based on religious belief”.

There’s no fun in Islam. Is that ‘judgement panel’ trying to enforce the sharia?

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Halal Butcher 


“Using the phrase ‘non halal certified’ in conjunction with imagery of Australian animals was a suggestion that Islamic dietary practices are not Australian,” the panel said in their judgment, which was handed down in August.

A majority of the panel also ruled the signage gave “a strong impression that people of a certain religion or ethnicity might not be welcome in the store”.

“Had the sign stated ‘not halal approved’ or ‘unfortunately, non halal’ this would be less likely to have been considered discriminatory or vilifying signage,” the Ad Standards panel concluded.

The business has since changed the sign so it now reads “not halal certified” instead of “non halal certified” but is refusing to remove the images of the emus and kangaroos, according to The Daily Mail.

“As long as we own the shop the sign won’t ever come down!” a Facebook post read.

6 thoughts on “Australia’s one & only ‘not halal’ butcher stands his ground”

  1. “A local butcher has refused to change a sign saying “not halal certified” despite being told it was “inciting hatred” against Muslims.”

    It is information not “hate speech”

    What is hate speech anyway and who decides what is and what is not hate speech?

  2. Besides a monopoly on teaching the rest of the world what to think about islam, they want a monoply on the h**** word too. In fact this kind hearted butcher is helping those seeking cruelly murdered meats to conserve time and resources by shopping elsewhere.
    If I had a gas station, I’d advertise non-h**** gas just to be helpful.

  3. I have read of stories in Nigeria, Sudan…where nonhalal shops and owners are burnt down and killed, as the majority Muslim population and institutions persecute and prosecute anything nonmuslim. This case is a classical representation of this Muslim “complex” now happening in the West. It is a sign that they feel strong enough to begin the bullying process….can these people go public and set up a “go fund me” site, as they have every right to claim non religious affiliation and produce a business model of their choice….with corresponding advertising….

  4. Can a negative (‘Not Halal Certified’) really be construed as a positive (‘inciting racial hatred’)? Surely we are just being told what the shop is not, not what it is?

  5. This butcher has a legally defencible case. A lot of meat sold in supermarkets is halal certified but not labelled as such. Many people would like to be able to have the choice of how the source animal of their meat was killed and butchered. I avoid buying meat from suppliers who can’t verify non halal status. Any butcher who advertises non halal status for meat is simply informing customers, whether Muslim or otherwise, of the way in which the meat was sourced.

  6. He should be praised for being so considerate of them that he notified them in advance to not waste their time looking for halal satisfaction in his shop, but to move on to more accommodating venues.

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