Burger King dropped “ham” from names of burgers to avoid offending Muslims in South Africa

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Burger King dropped “ham” from names of burgers to avoid offending Muslims in South Africa

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Burger King’s remaining halaal outlets as being in compliance with Shari’ah law.


Burger King in South Africa is dropping the word “ham” from its menu, after adding bacon at some of its stores, in order to be respectful of Muslim customers.

On Friday the chain confirmed it has changed the names of three of its products. What was previously known as a “Double Spicy Hamburger” will now just be a “Double Spicy Burger”; the “Triple Hamburger with Cheese” becomes the “Triple Burger with Cheese”, and a “Hamburger King Jr” on the kids menu will now be just a “Kids Burger”.

The names are being changed “to be more respectful of” its halaal client base, the chain said in a statement.

The name changes will apply across all Burger Kings in SA, including those that now serve bacon.

The word “ham” has featured on the Burger King menu since the chain opened its first store in South Africa in 2013. Up to September, all of its stores were fully halaal.

A hamburger is by definition made of minced beef and does not contain pork. The “ham” is in reference to the German city of Hamburg, where hamburger patties were supposedly first made.

Burger King knows this, South African chief operating officer Juan Klopper told Business Insider South Africa on Friday, but it still wants to avoid any possible confusion.

“It is just to be super-sensitive to perceptions, and to be super clear,” he said.

The chain has had some queries from Muslim customers in the past on the “ham” part of the name, Klopper said, by way of Majlisush Shura Al Islami, the non-profit that certifies Burger King’s remaining halaal outlets as being in compliance with Shari’ah law.

So, while the chain was making changes, it decided to drop the word.

As of this month, 44 Burger Kings in South Africa are no longer halaal certified after the chain decided to introduce the line of bacon items that are popular for the brand in many other parts of the world.


44 BK’s are no longer halal, but the Islam Tax does not end there. More detail on the cost of Islam: the Burger King restaurants in South Africa that will no longer be halaal

Burger King, which previously operated as entirely halaal, has been considering adding pork to its menu for some years, and is also currently “exploring vegetarian options”.

The menu change will see its outlets split into two categories, with various measures in place to keep halaal and non-halaal food separate from source through to delivery at its restaurants. That way, it says, it can guarantee Muslim customers peace of mind at those restaurants without pork on the menu.

@BurgerKingZA recently tweeted: “South Africa, we stand together as one.” https://twitter.com/BurgerKingZA/status/1169258099351412737

Clearly this is not true. The company has separate operating procedures for Muslims and non-Muslims, per the article quoted above.

Again, per the article above, this is in accordance with the sharia.

Muslims separate the world into Dar al Islam (house of Islam) and Dar al Kufr (house of non-Muslims). 

(Source: businessinsider.co.za)

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  1. What idiots the managers of Burger King are! Haven’t they yet worked out that Islam is the religion of perpetual offence? It doesn’t matter what cosmetic changes Burger King might make to appease Muslims. To a Muslim, the very existence of a kaffur, and a kaffur corporation, is offensive. So if the Burger King people really want to appease Muslim sensibilities, they should all convert to Islam, and start paying the Jizzya. Alternately, they should all die – the Third choice. Now that would be pleasing to Allah.

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