“In Australia you can earn lots of money doing fruit picking”

High numbers of Malays applying for asylum in Australia

What are they fleeing from? Islam?

“They are doing it because they know we are a generous country.”

“Everybody [in Malaysia] has got this idea that it’s so easy to get asylum in Australia,”

“Many who overstay then apply for refugee status. At the moment, we have 33,000 Malaysian citizens — not Syrians, not Rohingyas — who have applied as a refugee in Australia,”

According to James Chin, director of the Asia Institute Tasmania, many Malaysians in Australia, the UK and South Korea likely overstay their visas because they have found cash-in-hand work.

“For many years now there’s been a common belief that in Australia you can earn lots of money doing fruit picking,” he told the ABC.

“Kill them, roast them & eat them”

When you think you have heard the worst of hate preachers, you meet one promoting cannibalization of apostates & non-believers.


Sri Lanka: bomber’s cadaver buried in the Hindu section

An official said the remains consisted only of a head…

The remains of a suicide bomber who attacked blew up a church in eastern Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday have been exhumed after protests demanding they be moved from a local cemetery.

A man Muselmaniac in Islamic dress told a Starbucks employee his name was Aziz. She put ‘ISIS’ on the cup. 

Who was the victim between all the apologies & the BS?

Sweden Fines Imam for Calling Jews “Progeny of Apes and Pigs”

That’s a first. Will there be more?

Paki Minister Threatens to Bomb India “into 22 Pieces”…

They’re all lunatics in a fever swamp called Islam.

Hungary Discovers that Syrian Refugee Slaughtered Dozens…

Authorities believe he commanded a small unit of the Islamic State group in Homs province in 2015tasked with terrorising and executing civilians and religious leaders who refused to side with the terror group.

Tony Abbott Quotes Bible, Journaille Goes Apeshit

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott gives a great speech defending Brexit and pointing out how Britain’s economy need not get clobbered. But here is the brainlessly hostile and Christophobic headline run by The Age and Sydney Morning Herald: “Tony Abbott quotes the Bible in London Brexit speech.”

3 thoughts on ““In Australia you can earn lots of money doing fruit picking””

  1. “Kill them, roast them & eat them”

    You know what I wish Trump would do? Post that video on his twitter. Talk about the left’s head exploding. It would be perfect.

  2. I just got bumped off twitter for the umpteenth time.

    Something needs to be done about censorship by this big tech monopoly.

  3. Re: ““They are doing it because they know we are a generous country.””

    Kinda reminds me of this:

    “When I am weaker than you, I ask you for freedom because that is according to your principles; when I am stronger than you, I take away your freedom because that is according to my principles.”

    ~From Frank Herbert’s Dune

    Tell me that quote doesn’t apply to what is happening – i.e: “Multi-culturalism!”?

    “Diversity is our strength!” = “the less alike we are, the stronger we are!”?

    Tell me another one, libs!

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