The corrupt Democrats and their media stooges

It’s Trump’s fault! We must  Impeach!

Democrat Privilege: Two Months after Hunter Biden Dishonorably Discharged from the Navy for Cocaine Use, He’s Put on Board of Largest Oil and Gas Company in Ukraine!

Double Standards on Ukraine

Democrats in Congress and the media pretend to swoon over conduct they accepted when Obama did it.


Who’s yer daddy, boy?

Prince Harry defends Greta Thunberg and climate strikers, says planet is in “a race against time” and “no one can deny science”

I think the most troubling part of it is that I don’t believe there is anybody in this world that can deny science, undeniable science and facts.

In the old Soviet Union, the media also insisted that communism was “scientific”. Those who questioned the ‘science’ ended up in the gulag.

German Federal Council Passes Bill Giving Three Years in Prison for Denigrating EU Flag

Thou shalt not denigrate the flag of the EUSSR


The German Bundesrat, the upper chamber of the German parliament, has proposed banning Germans from denigrating both the European Union flag and anthem.

First police force found to be ‘failing’ in all areas as watchdog finds performance worsening across country

HM Inspector of Constabulary Matt Parr said police were struggling to deal with rising demand from complex cases like historical sex abuse, cybercrime and fraud.

37 migrants were rescued by Spanish emergency services near the Canary Islands. The New Spaniards were travelling in a wooden canoe.

Muslim woman sues Virginia company, says they didn’t hire her over prayer breaks

A Muslim woman is suing a northern Virginia company, claiming that it was about to hire her, but abruptly showed her the door after she asked for prayer breaks during the workday.

Never hire a Moslem! Never.

I was called a ‘Nazi’ today, by a Jew-hatin’ leftoid.

I told him, If you want to see what a city looks like with no Nazis in it, go have a look at Bradford.

Jeffrey Epstein entertained Bill and Melinda Gates, Steve Bannon, Prince Andrew at his Paris apartment claims butler, who was told by estate to move into the pied-a-terre days before probe
  • The man who spent the past 18 years working as Jeffrey Epstein’s butler at his $8million Paris apartment is speaking about his boss’ famous friends
  • Gabriel said that Prince Andrew, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Steve Bannon were also guests at the residence
  • A source close to Bannon said it ‘never happened,’ despite Gabriel claiming he drove the man around the city just last Fall 
  • Gabriel said Bill and Melinda Gates had visited and while a rep did not respond  to a  request comment the couple has denied any personal ties in the past 
  • There was also talk of the women Epstein had in his house, who Gabriel said he kept separate from other gusts 
  • Gabriel is living in the pied-a-terre after being ordered to move in by the estate two days before Paris officials declared they were probing Epstein