“Cameras are off? Cameras off? Cameras are off?”

“Cameras are off? Cameras off? Cameras are off?”

5 Unanswered Questions That Remain 2 Years After The Vegas Shooting

UN calls for Tamil family held on Christmas Island to be released

“The @UN  decides who comes into our country and the circumstances in which they come…”

There are some people who really believe the UN is some kind of world government & we have to obey them. The pope is one of them. I say we are better off without the UN & the pope.

Greece Struggles to Cope as Migrant Arrivals Crossing from Turkey Soar

“Mostly Afghan’s & Syrians”

italy migrantsSkála Sykaminéas (Greece) (AFP) The hulking Greek coastguard officer gazed intently as another group of migrants, the fifth of the day, boarded a minibus after landing on a beach on the island of Lesbos.
“We’re taking it day by day,” he sighed, amid talk of a new refugee crisis, four years after nearly one million asylum seekers arrived on Europe’s doorstep, sparking EU-wide panic.