HongKong Getting Worse by the Day

Hong Kong set to ban face masks in bid to curb violence

This is bad!


Celebrating 70 Years of Communist Rule in China

It would be hard to imagine a more appropriate way to celebrate 70 years of communist rule in China than by shooting a pro-democracy protester in the chest at point blank range with a live round.

Via Summit News:

The incident occurred on Hoi Pa Street in Tsuen Wan during demonstrations to coincide with the 70th anniversary of Communist Party rule in China.

The victim is reportedly a high school student.

China has doubled the number of its troops stationed in Hong Kong as one expert warns that the soldiers could be preparing for a “total breakdown in order.”

That would justify a total crackdown, along the lines of Tiananmen Square.

Today’s communist rulers are less communist than Mao, so people aren’t starving or getting executed in large numbers. But the authorities are still communist enough to do this: