Al Reuters whines about Israeli airstrikes

Here, an assortment of the “civilians” that were roasted in Gaza:

The people killed were not civilians but Islamic terrorists. Most from the “Islamic Jihad” group. Stop lying.

Over 400 rockets fired so far; 24 dead in Gaza, mostly terrorists

Al Reuters ignores rocket attacks on Israel; whines about “Israel continues airstrikes”….

Al Jizz whines about “the children”

“the Abu Malhous family] didn’t commit any crime to deserve this. They were all sleeping peacefully in their home,”

Gaza raids
A neighbour said it was difficult to rescue the family from under the rubble as people feared the house would be targeted again

Is Deterrence Enough?

When so many rockets are falling on Israel, as they are now, and much of the population is on edge, keenly aware of the nearest bomb shelter, the question that inevitably hangs in the air is: Are they not afraid of us? Can’t we deter them?”

Gazans upset at the cease fire, none of them believe Islamic Jihad won

While Islamic Jihad has been declaring victory in this week’s fighting, claiming that they got Israel to agree to various demands (the first of which was no more targeted assassinations!), the people of Gaza – at least the more militant ones – know better. The PalDF forum, mostly with Gazans sympathetic to Jihad, have been dismissive of Islamic Jihad claims.

Baha Abu al-Ata’s daughter upset that no Jews were killed, hopes to rectify that when she grows up

Some pro-terror Palestinian media is trying to turn Islamic Jihad terrorist Baha Abu-al Ata’s daughter Lian into a poster child for the horrors of Israeli aggression.

Al Jizz:

Palestinians need justice before peace

Why Macron’s remarks on Bosnia are dangerous