Most of the organisers of yesterday’s violent climate protest in Melbourne are actually Marxists preaching revolution against capitalism, parliament and the police. I asked one to name a single place where his kind of revolution had worked. Watch. His response was priceless. From The Bolt Report.

First, the background to the protest and the organisers unmasked: watch here.

Next my interview with one of the protest organisers, Jacob Andrewartha: watch here.


  1. Criminals (as greedy and hypocritical individualists) all pretend to love communism because it gives them free access to your stuff – and as long as they have less stuff than they do, it’s great. But as soon as they have more stuff than you do, they’re all for capitalism. And then, if they’re smart enough (like, say, inveterate faux capitalist George Soros) they will once again promote communism by investing in communizing (taking away others’ rights to own and retain earned property) in places where they currently own no stuff. Communism is a scam designed by criminal hypocrites to “redistribute” (steal) wealth from Makers and give it to them selves under a fictitious pretense (lie) of being magnanimously altruistic and wanting to give it all to “The Poor,” too! Whee!

    And if an when their scams succeed on conning the weak minded, we get … more extortive government slavery.

    Government bureaucracies are infamously inefficient (exactly like communism) simply because there are no real consequences for failure, and no risk-vs-rewards incentives to succeed, either – everyone gets the same participation prizes, and pay raises are guaranteed regardless of any success/failure ratios, or skewed “performance” metrics. The money is endless and free and is always paid for by someone else (the taxpayer) who has no direct input into nor say about how it’s spent (one of the “perks” of deferring one’s rights to expert authority leaders, even in “democracies”)! So without any sticks to balance them, the carrots become endlessly taken for granted entitlements and are over-used to the point of addiction – until delinquent and criminally negligent, absentee managers become too busy naval gazing in perpetual therapy confessions to their priestly therapists about their victimology to bother to pay any attention to their peon minions, and as goals are missed and postponed again and again, with zero consequences, habitual sloth and corruption ensues.

    Ennui is the main symptom of all total control “totalitarian systems” (go-along/get-along groupthink hives) from islam to communism to socialism to libertine liberal fascism – it’s a tax-paid “cabret” cesspool – and everybody knows it!

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