EUSSR ready to condemn Israel

President Trump did not ask Ukraine to “dig up dirt“ on Biden.

Trump asked Ukraine to investigate a crime that Biden publicly admitted to on video.

Sparks Fly as Jim Jordan Busts Schiff for Hiding Testimony Transcripts: ‘Holy Cow’


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Today all EU states including France, UK & Germany are expected to vote Yes to 7/8 resolutions condemning Israel. Islamic Jihad war crime rockets on civilians mentioned nowhere. EU will present 0 resolutions on China, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Turkey, Pakistan, Algeria…

U.N. Human Rights Council members today include:

?? Saudi Arabia
?? Pakistan
?? Somalia
?? Nigeria
?? Qatar
?? Egypt
?? Cuba
?? China

Joining on January 1, 2020:

?? Venezuela (Maduro regime)
?? Mauritania
?? Sudan
?? Libya

I wish I were making this up. I’m not. This is real.

E.U. Court: Israel Must Label Goods From ‘Occupied Territories’

Worse than the Nazis. It’s amazing this can happen this day & age.

Burma rejects ICC probe into alleged crimes against Rohingya

…and so they should.

Jeffrey Epstein’s Jail Guards Reportedly Decline Plea Deal

Federal prosecutors are considering charging the jail guards responsible for guarding Jeffrey Epstein in jail.

As part of the proposed plea deal, prosecutors wanted the guards to admit they falsified the prison records regarding the wealthy financier’s death in August.
In other news:
Amazon Labels Nativity Story as ‘Holiday Fiction’

Amazon would never label Muhammad’s ‘night journey’ or him splitting the  moon as ‘fiction’. Why is that?

Leftist loon Scarborough:
From the Religion of Peace:

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