Pope: believe the ‘science’ or go to hell

Progressive Pope Wants to Add a ‘Climate Change Sin’ to Official Catholic Church Teachings

Now, if you use your Webber charcoal BBQ grill or don’t spend your life savings on solar panels you must atone for your sins.

The progressive Pope is at it again.

Now, he wants to add an “ecology sin” to the official Catholic Church teachings.

In other words, if you use your Webber charcoal BBQ grill or don’t spend your life savings on solar panels you must atone for your sins.

This is such nonsense. 

Pope Francis has made “climate change” a major signature cause of his, which is why he’s strongly considering adding the category of “ecological sin” to the Catholic Church’s official compendium of teachings.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect for the progressive climate cult. They just called on the Pope to do this last month.

When the left says “jump” the Pope says “how high?” 

So now, we have the radical secular left dictating what the Catholic church should teach. All good Catholics must to stand up and rebuke the progressive agenda that is infiltrating the church.

Earth Beat reported on Synod members calling for the Catholic Church to deepen its theology in a way that would help people recognize “ecological sins” AKA push climate change junk science.

They claim that an “ecological conversion” is necessary to ensure that Christians understand the “gravity of sin against the environment as a sin against God, against one’s neighbor and against future generations.”

Speaking to a group of lawyers on Friday, Pope Francis said that the Catholic Church is contemplating the introduction of “ecological sin” to the compendium of Church teaching.

“We have to introduce, we are thinking about it, in the catechism of the Catholic Church, the sin against ecology, the sin against our common home, because it’s a duty,” he said.

The pope’s words came just weeks after the conclusion of a bishops’ summit on the Amazon focused on the environmental threat to the region.

Francis was speaking to the 20th world congress of the International Association of Penal Law, held in Rome Nov. 13-16, under the scope of “Criminal Justice and Corporate Business.”

He also said that the culture of waste, combined with other widespread phenomena in welfare societies, is showing the “serious tendency to degenerate into a culture of hatred.”

“It is no coincidence that in these times, emblems and actions typical of Nazism reappear, which, with its persecutions against Jews, gypsies and people of homosexual orientation, represents the negative model par excellence of a culture of waste and hatred,” Francis said.

He also said that upon hearing some speeches from certain governments, although he didn’t give any examples, he’s “reminded of Hitler’s speeches in 1934, in 1936, [heard] today.”

“We must be vigilant, both in the civil sphere and the ecclesial context, to avoid any possible compromise – which is assumed to be involuntary – with these degenerations,” he said. [Crux Now]

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  1. The Pope who absolutely totally hates Christians and now wants all Catholics to start worshiping a false idol god or be damned.

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