Impeachment to go ahead to prevent Trump from being reelected 2020

Schiff: Congress Must Impeach Trump — to Stop Him in 2020!

Because if Trump is reelected, he will really go after the corrupt DemRats & shake their corrupt house down. He must not let them get away!

This is the most partisan impeachment in America’s history. The entire Obama regime was corrupt and criminal in their actions. When Trump did the impossible – and won the election – they put in place their insurance policy – to accuse and indict POTUS

IG Report Proves Democrats Were Wrong, and Nunes Right, About FISA Warrant

IG report is absolutely damning indictment of Steele dossier. Steele collected gossip second- or third-hand from people who got it second- or third hand and dressed it up as intelligence in bid to bring down Trump.

House Democrats are moving forward with two articles of impeachment against President Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress 

Nadler Failed to Swear in Witnesses at Judiciary Impeachment Hearings

Nadler Fails to Swear in Witnesses

Protester Keeps Nadler Awake:

“You Are Committing Treason”

“We Voted For Donald Trump”

“Americans Are Sick Of Your Impeachment Scam.”

Criminal law professor Alan Dershowitz explains why the House Dems’ articles of impeachment fail to meet the constitutional standard for High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

So Pelosi, Schiff & Nadler are impeaching the president for:

1. asking a foreign leader “for a favor”

2. holding out a WH meeting

3. freezing foreign aid to a corrupt country

4. exercising Executive Privilege

Gee, under those standards, why aren’t all presidents impeached?!

Whitewashed IG Report Still Exposes James Comey as a Dirty Cop

Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz released an 83-page whitewash and former FBI Director James Comey is still exposed as a dirty cop.

Only adding to his disgrace is that almost immediately after the release of the report, this dirty cop took to the pages of the far-left Washington Post to falsely and arrogantly claim vindication.

What a monster. What a sick, twisted, narcissistic swamp monster this man is. The fact such a creature was allowed to lead the FBI is just another reminder that the entire System is corrupt and must, for the sake of democracy, be figuratively burned to the ground.

Doug Collins: “At the end of the day, all of this is about — is about a clock and a calendar because (Democrats) can’t get over the fact Donald Trump is president of the United States and they don’t have a candidate that they think can beat him.”

Schiff No-Shows Impeachment Hearing…

Comey ? Claims Exoneration Despite Damning IG Report…
…Says Trump Trying ‘Burn FBI Down’ with ‘Lies’

Al Green: Impeachment Must Address the Original Sin of Slavery — Trump Used Racism as a Weapon

Degenerate POS Al Green:

Impeachment Must Address the Original Sin of Slavery

Hillary Clinton Top Pick Among Democrat Voters

In other news: