New Year 2020 Car-b-ques in Paris

The French media is forbidden to report how many cars the Mohammedans set alight every year.  Some clever gov’t apparatchiks came up with the idea that if it’s not reported it’s not happening, so the Mohammedans don’t feel the need to set new records every year.

‘Citizen journalists’ are banned from reporting the numbers because that encourages the (Mohammedan) “yoots” to burn more cars to break previous records.

Iran huffs & puffs:

Left Slams Trump for Protecting Americans and U.S. Embassy in Iraq 

Left Slams Trump for Protecting Americans and U.S. Embassy in Iraq 

Leftist degenerates wasted no time slamming President Donald Trump over his decision to use military force to protect Americans from terrorists in Iraq.

‘Terrifying’ That 7 Were Armed in TX Church

Lefturds say the dumbest shit.

One thought on “New Year 2020 Car-b-ques in Paris”

  1. Re: “Italy: Birth Rates at Historic Lows, Migrants Approach 9% of Population” …

    The West is already in the death throes of “demographic suicide” because couples are no longer having enough children, ever since Fast Eddie Bernais and his corporate paymasters decided to trick women into smoking and refusing to have children and want to work at jobs because men were “oppressing” them – thus doubling the availability of their workers while simultaneously cutting all of their wages in half.

    There’s only two types of democratic government – in the first, conservative one, government is only the largest, collectively-owned insurance company, where input premiums exactly equal payouts, and its based on actuarial data describing the need for and ability of taxes to pay for temporary disaster relief.

    But the second, the Ponzi pyramid pension plan scheme one, requires ever-increasing inputs at the front end, because in its cradle-to-grave social service scheme, everyone always takes out far more than they put in. Therefore, ever-more workers are needed, and because white women already got scammed into refusing to replace their workers (AND their consumers, because corporations are myopically focused on short-term gains, while ignoring long-term pains, by dint of their own laws) then the corporations will just have to replace them with outsiders (which, as we can all see, today means muslims, who have been historically known to enjoy slavery and will often even be satisfied merely working for food).

    It’s obvious what version of government the banksters (who will always lend money to incur the belief that one is in debt to, and owned by, them – the I.O.U. tokens called money itself, after all, really only represent DEBT) always have, still do, and always will support! And besides, their motto remains, as ever: “There’s No Money In Solutions!” Whee!

    When each and every individual corporation decides to cut labor costs to improve the bottom line and owners’ stock prices, they all seem to forget that they are all interconnected with each and every other corporation and industry, in that their workers are also each others consumers. So when they all lower wages, they also lower the demand for wants – non-essential products – and their mutual aggregate incomes (aka “the Economy”) also declines. When they downsize and outsource their labor to the poor countries, they are also simultaneously moving their customer base and respective bottom lines to that same poorer level, too.

    Short-sighted morons.

    These are the real reasons the West is doomed.

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