Russia, Russia, Russia!

Fake news, fake impeachment, fake accusations, fake everything. Except the Deep State & the Swamp Rats. That part is real.

The Schiff Show Continues!

Alleged al-Qaeda Jihadis Caught Trying to Enter U.S. with Fake Colombian Passports

Al-Qaeda Jihadis Caught Trying to Enter U.S. with Fake Colombian Passports

That would have cost them a fair bit of money. It will be interesting to see what we can learn from this.

Three al-Qaeda jihadis caught trying to enter the US with Colombian passports


Child brides as young as six forced into marriage in Australia.

New figures show children as young as six are being forced into marriage in Australia, but what’s missing from the report is even more shocking.

Children as young as six years old are being forced into child marriage in Australia, and more than 100 cases of forced child marriage are currently being investigated by the Australian Federal Police, new figures reveal.

Khan(t) ‘losing control of our streets’: 3 killed in London stabbing frenzy, prompting calls for new mayor

New Swedish Islamist Party Wants to Grant Muslims ‘Special Minority’ Status

New Swedish Islamist Party Wants to Grant Muslims ‘Special Minority’ Status

Dubai: Three men detained, fined $136,000 each for insulting Islam on Instagram and Facebook

Their lives are ruined. Security guards don’t make that much money. I wonder how they will pay these amounts.

A glimpse into the future of the West. Right now, insulting Islam will only get you deplatformed, vilified, and suspended from your job. Fines and detention are still in the future.

Three security guards of a five-star resort have each been fined Dh500,000 by a Dubai court for insulting Islam on social media.

The Dubai public prosecution accused the three Sri Lankans, aged between 28 and 34, of contempt of religion through posts on Instagram and Facebook. It referred them to trial pursuant to the anti-discriminatory and hatred law and the Federal Penal Code.

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  1. Invading islams And …
    Murderous Criminal African Tribals Are …
    STILL Growing In Numbers In …
    Australia Because Of The …
    Treasonous Seditious Subvertive And Crimal …
    (aka … Australia’s “authorities” politicians judiciary (w)academics and the (w)academic’s past/current students)

    Here is what they tell us when we dare ask them what they are doing about the problem they caused and are causing …

    The Standard Form Letter -(EXTREMELY similar for ALL Australian Political Parties)- Sent to written complainants regarding the Australian Government’s policy on the immigration and retention of islams into and already in Australia.


    Dear {████████}
    Thank you for your letter of {████████} on behalf of {████████}, regarding the Australian Government’s policy on the immigration of Muslim people to Australia.

    Australia has long placed a premium on ensuring its immigrant population settles effectively and contributes to our nation. We have active policies and programs which support settlement and social cohesion.

    While I note the concerns raised by {████████}, the vast majority of Muslim people who have settled here have done so successfully. They live peacefully with their fellow Australians. respect the law, work, pay their taxes and strive to achieve the same goals as other Australians. As you are aware the Australian Government is not considering the introduction of any part of Sharia law into the Australian legal system.

    Australians of all cultures and religions are able to express their beliefs and to practise their religion without intimidation and without interference, as long as this complies with Australian law.
    (Everything about islam contravenes Australian Law)

    All applicants aged 18 years and over are required to sign a values statement when applying for selected visas. The statement requires applicants to confirm that they will respect the Australian way of life and obey the laws of Australia before being granted a visa.
    This explains ALL the young jihadis now surfacing – they didn’t sign a values statement – but islams are born deceivers in the name of islam anyway.)

    One of our great achievements as a nation is that we have been able to successfully settle people from diverse backgrounds into one Australian family under a properly managed immigration Program.
    But islams are reknown for not intergrating in host countries.)

    Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention. I hope the information provided is helpful in responding to the concerns of {████████}.
    (The dismissive “Courtesy” Remark)

    Yours sincerely

    Signature of “The Current Dhimmi Politician” for lmmigration and Citizenship


    All courtesy of our islamophile seditious subversive cultural marxist infiltrated “authorities” who are labeled under one banner TRAITORS !!!
    (who will be forcibly converted or forcibly subjugated or aggressively murdered when the islams have no more use for them)

    • But We Could Save Our Treasonous Officials And Ourselves From Certain Death By These Officials Removal From Office AND Their Deserved Incarceration …

    • Then Exterminate The Invading islams And Diversifying African Tribals Problem From Australia !

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